What NOT to Wear . . . to Court!

Before you go to court, you should always stop to think about what to wear. What you wear to court makes an impression on the judge, the person who will be making decisions about your future. Click on the picture above for examples of what NOT to wear to court!
Department of Revenue and Child Support
The enactment of the Massachusetts Child Support Enforcement Act, M.G.L.A. c. 119A and as amended, conveyed broad powers on the Department of Child Support Enforcement Division (hereinafter referred to as "DOR"), enabling DOR to establish and enforce child support orders and/or a medical insurance order in any pending action for divorce, separate support, paternity, or proceeding regarding a child in need. Click Here to Learn More
It is not too early to be thinking about the holidays and parenting/visitation time. November and December will soon be upon us, and it is essential to insure that provisions have been made for important holiday occasions. If a hearing on temporary orders has not occurred, or is not scheduled for some time, holidays should be addressed as soon as possible. The courts prefer that you not wait until the last minute to address these important times. Save yourself unnecessary worry, and plan ahead, so you do not have to seek such orders on an emergency basis.
Campaign Against Real Estate Fraud
 A free on-line Consumer Notification Service is offered by the Norfolk County Registry of Deeds to protect Norfolk County property owners against potential property fraud.  Please visit the Norfolk County Registry of Deeds for more information.
Viv's Give
Our office is a drop-off site for Viv's Give. Please check out their website for more information and feel free to drop your donations off at our office.
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