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Capital Planning Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm serving individuals, families, businesses and institutional clients with comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services. They are relationship-driven. Their team understands that each client has unique short-term needs and long-term goals, so they work directly with clients to guide, educate, advise and manage their investments. They understand the power of business success by the team they have put together; a team that is not only a multi-disciplinary team, but also a team that understands how critical it is to have a vulnerable team they can trust. This is how they provide excellent service for a high powered business. 

Client Spotlight: A Q&A With Capital Planning Advisors 
We recently had an opportunity to sit down with one of our clients, Jim Wilson, Partner and CEO of Capital Planning Advisors, where he shared his firm's personal experiences and benefits of working with Jeanne Reaves Consulting. We hope you enjoy learning more about Jim, Capital Planning Advisors and the successes we achieved together. 

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself, your background and Capital Planning Advisors.  

A:  Capital Planning Advisors is a holistic wealth management firm serving high net worth individuals. We understand the importance of having a healthy culture that includes a team with client-focused priorities, as well as embracing our core values of Passion, Transparency and Synergy, which we believe is critical to our success. We have high-trust relationships with our employees, clients, partners and centers of influence (attorneys, CPAs, bankers, etc.) We are a learning organization that is always focused on improving and understanding our clients' needs so that we can best serve them with integrity and excellence.
As the CEO of Capital Planning Advisors, my role is to develop our strategic plan, while also making sure we are living out our culture values and exceeding our service expectations. My background is in private banking and wealth management, having previously worked at BofA in Private Banking, and at Mechanics Bank where I developed, launched and led a Private Banking/Wealth Management division. I also founded and ran Wilson Management, a private management firm where I advised high-net worth individuals, including many professional athletes, and served as a liaison between them and their money managers, insurance professionals, attorneys, bankers, CPAs, and also assisted in evaluating private and public investments, advised players and families in all financial areas and mentored them in their personal growth.  

Q: Why did you decide to employ Jeanne Reaves Consulting (JRC)? Tell us about your experience working with JRC, and the services you utilized.

A:  Our firm chose to engage Jeanne Reaves Consulting after interviewing other consultants, as we wanted to ensure that we would be working with the right person who could best assist our firm. After speaking with other clients of Jeanne's, and learning more about her process, we decided to bring Jeanne on board.  Jeanne's calm disposition, understanding of team dynamics and market knowledge also played into our decision, as did her outstanding reputation in the community and successful track record as CEO of River City Bank. She also understood and believed in our firm's culture and core values, which was important for us to have this alignment.
Our experience in working with Jeanne has been incredibly beneficial and productive to our firm and our team members. We have become more cohesive as a team, and have been able to move important initiatives forward. Jeanne is pleasant to work with, she is not afraid to ask the hard questions, and she rolls up her sleeves to dig into challenging issues. She is intelligent, hard working, humble, others-focused and is one of the most gracious individuals we have ever met in the marketplace. 

Q: What was the most valuable outcome for you and your business as a result?

A:  The most valuable outcome for our firm centered on the work Jeanne did with our partners through her personality testing, and subsequent conversations she had with each of the partners. Her process gets to the heart of how each of our partners are wired, and assists in helping each individual become more self-aware and aware of others. The Personalysis test and evaluation of the firm's partners helped us learn how to communicate better, overcome roadblocks based on our internal hard-wiring and taught us how to leverage each other's strengths, while not spending too much time focused on our weaknesses. This process has helped us work more collaboratively as a team, and provided significant breakthroughs that we could not likely have achieved without Jeanne's counsel.

Q: Anything else you'd like to add?

A:  We are grateful for Jeanne's assistance and the friendships that developed between her and our team members. We look forward to continuing to build our relationship with Jeanne for years to come!

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What Is The Power Of Good Business Practices?

When someone says, "Our company is considered a good Power Business," I ask myself, or the person making the comment, what they mean. Most individuals will say, "We are meeting our goals, and have, or are putting together, a great team." But is that really what makes a "Power Business," or is it having a top-performing team? I believe that a top performing team is what creates and drives the success (power) of any business.
In a recent Forbes article about  the three surprising secrets of the world's top-performing teams, research indicates that accelerating performance comes down to instilling the "Three B's:" Belonging, Bonds and Believing. 
The first B, Belonging, references the number one predictor of team performance, more predictive then intelligence, skill or leadership. This is something MIT researcher Alex Pentland calls "belonging cues." 
Belonging cues include the following characteristics: 
  • Everyone on the team talks and listens in roughly equal measures, keeping contributions short;
  • Members maintain high levels of eye contact, and their conversations and gestures are energetic; and,
  • All members communicate directly with one another, not just with the persons in charge. 
A recent study found it takes 50 hours of time together to go from acquaintance to casual friend; an additional 40 hours to become a "real" friend, and a total of 200 hours to become a closer friend. In a 40-hour workweek that leaves ample time to create team connections that feed our belonging needs.
The second B, Bonding, requires getting comfortable with uncomfortable levels of vulnerability.
To create real, tenable bonds, the best teams operate with radical vulnerability. The base of the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, written by Patrick Lencioni, will tell you how critical it is to have vulnerable trust. If your team doesn't have that, then you will not maximize your team's success in working together and increasing the bottom line.
The team needs to be able to say, "I messed up," ask the sensitive questions of one another, and call each other out tactfully.  
The third B, Believing, is striving for something bigger than each member's own self-pursuits.  
Belonging and bonding are indispensable factors for great team performance, but they are not enough. Teams also need to activate their belief in the team's purpose. They need a reason for all the, "blood, sweat, and tears," as they say.
The bottom line is this: teams need to have shared goals, and the business needs to share the goals and objectives of the CEO and Board of Directors. They need to be able to help support the direction and have a feeling of purpose. To thrive, we all need to feel a sense that we belong - that others believe what we can contribute to the group matters. We also need teammates who are deeply connected to our most authentic selves; teammates who see the whole us: good, bad and ever-changing.
Great teams with the three B's, make the business powerful. If you're unsure of how you would categorize your company, or are seeking to strengthen your leadership skills, the leadership skills of your team, or assess your team, then working with a consultant would be an excellent fit for you. At Jeanne Reaves Consulting, this is what we do. Please contact us; we'd love to help. 

Notable Nonprofits

Supporting Sacramento's nonprofits is  important  to us 

Rotary Club of Sacramento Foundation exists to support the good works of Rotary Club of Sacramento. Separately incorporated and governed, the Foundation manages the Club's investment portfolios, using earnings to support community and international service projects, and also acts as fiscal agent for charitable gifts given to support RCS.
Pretty boring, right? Not exactly! Managing $3.3 million of investments in these "interesting" political and financial times is never boring. Fortunately, the Foundation's Board of Trustees has the assistance of TruNorth Wealth Partners, a highly respected investment management firm that works with our Investment Committee to help navigate the choppy waters and keep the portfolios on course.
And, the ways the Club uses those investment earnings are also never boring. Within the portfolio, there are five different scholarship funds benefitting local students plus another four "named" funds that provide and support a variety of programs. Locally, the Club recently supported organizations and programs such as American Association of University Women's Tech Trek Camp, Fairytale Town, Family Promise of Sacramento, Girls Scouts Heart of Central California, Improve Your Tomorrow and the Service Above Self Award that honors local law enforcement-not to mention the Club's Literacy Project (it provides free dictionaries to third graders in economically challenged local schools), the Rotary Speech Contest, Rotary Youth Exchange (an international student exchange program), Rotary Youth Incentive Program and Rotary Youth Leadership Academy. The Club also supported a variety of projects ranging from clean water to literacy to youth soccer in Cambodia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Kenya and Mexico.
The Foundation also acts as fiscal agent for the Club's two major annual fundraisers. Golf for Kids is the longest-running fundraising event in Rotary worldwide. Founded in 1922, it benefits the special programs at Bowling Green Elementary School, Fern Bacon Middle School, Luther Burbank High School and Ralph Richardson Center. And the newer but larger Sacramento Century Challenge, a multi-level bicycling event that attracts about 1,000 riders annually to test their mettle on a course that winds through the delta wine country, has benefitted organizations like St. Baldrick's Foundation, Volunteers of America and most recently, the Sacramento Children's Home Crisis Nursery program.
Boring? Not exactly! By the way, if you'd be interested in joining Rotary Club of Sacramento and get involved in its good works, you've already got the right connection: Jeanne Reaves. Jeanne is the Immediate Past President of our Foundation.  

Thank you for your interest in the Rotary Club of Sacramento and our foundation!
Steve Heath, 2018-19 RCS Foundation President

Jeanne Reaves

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