What Good Shall I Do This Day?
Family Creed

There’s one phrase that the men of the Orosz family see when they look out the window of their working “warehouse” every day—and it’s because they had it painted there.

“What good shall I do this day?”, it says, spray-painted on the wall of the building across the street.

It’s a phrase that Jody and Bill Orosz, Chairman of the Feasibility Study, have often reflected on as they raised their sons—Stephen, Andrew, and Matthew—who now are all part of the Cristo Rey Orlando family.

From establishing interest in the Orlando market (Jody and Bill) to locating and doing all the paperwork to buy the new school property (Andrew), assisting with finances (Stephen), and helping with the overall mission (Matthew)– that phrase, reportedly coined by Benjamin Franklin, has been a guiding force for their work.

“For us, [that phrase] has a different meaning each day. It encourages us to find the good in every decision we make,” Jody says.

Adds Bill, “This has been our "family creed" for some time -- we all have lofty goals for our long-term contribution to our community and society -- but it all starts by what we do each day. Our daily actions are what create powerful long-term aspirations and personal accountability.”

Jody and Bill see the opportunity the school provides to its students as the distinguishing factor between Cristo Rey and other private education schools.

And the family shares a vision of what the school could bring to the Orlando community.

“It is not a ‘handout’ by any means—it is an opportunity for those who are interested to have a chance to excel in today’s environment, and the school sets up a daily environment for the students to excel.

“I believe … parents want to encourage the same values they set at home to be reinforced in the school and the work environment,” says Jody.

Stephen adds, “I support the mission because I can picture the finished product. The facility will be superior and the student body should thrive with talented educators leading the way. The vision is there, and we have an accomplished team to execute.”

Cristo Rey is truly a family affair and mission for the Oroszes, one they are all proud to be a part of.
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