March 2018

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- What Does Your Company Need?
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It's March, and people are beginning to look at how they have started the year. Some are wildly satisfied and others are not. Yet others are interested in finding the right addition to take them to higher levels of results. There are at least five avenues to explore to improve human performance.
  • Consulting (a technical expert)
  • Mentoring (an experienced expert in your industry or culture)
  • Training (acquisition of skills and knowledge)
  • Therapist (understanding the history, and why, often related to interpersonal issues)
  • Coaching
Corporate Coaching has come a long way in the last 50 years. An American Management Association survey revealed that a significant percentage of companies are expecting to increase their use of corporate coaches in 2018.  

Developmental coaching is a particular type of coaching that is used in individual and corporate coaching.

Developmental coaching is differentiated from other forms of coaching in a number of ways. A developmental coach:
  1. Has no investment in the outcome other than what is the right thing for the person being coached, based on their values and goals.
  2. Co-creates the future with the person being coached.
  3. Has a clear process that will support the person being coached, evaluate their current level of skills and knowledge and assess where they want or need to make behavioral changes to improve their results.
  4. Typically uses assessments to help the person being coached understand themselves, especially in areas that act at the subconscious level.
  5. Does not offer advice, rather asks questions, helping the person being coached surface the answers that are the best for them.

Results from developmental coaching vary as greatly as the participants, and always focus on the situation the person being coached finds themselves in. The goal is to take the right action; the right people doing the right things, at the right time, for the right reasons, to get the right results. That said, a core principal of developmental coaching is one of allowing he participants to both reframe the way they see the world and themselves in the world, and transform themselves in the world.

Evaluate your situation and determine what type of assistance in improving your performance is needed.


Did You Know?

According to GovLoop, (government training provider) the transformation of coaching looks something like this:
  1. Late 1980s: "A coach? What's a coach?"
  2. Early 1990s: "A coach? You mean, like...a corporate shrink?"
  3. Mid-to-late 1990s: "A coach? Am I in trouble?"
  4. Early 2000s: "A coach? Thanks - I think. "
  5. Mid-to-late 2000s: "A coach? Great!"
  6. Now: "A coach? How long can I work with him/her - and do I get to choose the one I want?"
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