Once upon a time (not so long ago),
how did these affect professional care for ...

Serious Illness?
End of Life?

Finding Information
Talking In Real Time, Wherever You Are
Chatting At a Computer
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Prepare Care
For Ahead
Then. Now. Ahead!
Composing Life's Services
are ready
for you to be ready
to give even better,
more timely care

Now and Ahead!
Finding Information
24/7 Video Libraries, Branded to Your Organization
Increase caregiver/family education at and between team visits:

  • Family Support Through Serious Illness
  • Hospice Training for Caregivers & Families
  • Spanish translations available
  • Want to Understand Your Grief?
Talking In Real Time, Wherever You Are
Telehealth Technology - HIPAA Compliant
Connect and communicate more personally than just by phone, ensuring HIPAA compliant technology

  • Cost-effective technology, with coaching specific to palliative, hospice, and grief care needs
Distance Support for Grief Care
Portal to Interactive Grief Care
Reach, teach, and support bereaved persons who can't meet with you during your business hours.

Are you familiar with "instrumental" vs. "intuitive" styles of grieving? Some people don't want to attend a support group or counseling, but still do want to cope better; to adjust and heal. Here's how your grief counselors can help.
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