July 2022
News, updates and perspectives on the
future of education from FLEX High
A Media Fellowship Helped Karen Jumpstart a Future in Writing
Karen G. graduated in 2018 but wasn’t ready to start college. She was always a good student and liked writing but, like many high school graduates, she wasn’t sure what type of career she wanted to do for the rest of her life.
Then an email landed in her inbox that would set her on the path to her future career – an invitation to become a Fellow in our new Civic Literacy and Media Influence (CLMI) scholarship program. It ignited her excitement to sharpen her skills at writing, blogging and media experience.
“I learned to have intentionality in a niche to solidify my writing and be more appealing to readers,” she explained. 
Why Does it Take So Long to Get Your Order When You Go Out to Eat? 
The number one problem is a decline in foodservice workers. Seven out of 10 operators report not having enough employees to support demand at their restaurants. Not only did COVID-19 change workers’ perspectives and interest in foodservice, but there has been a steady decline in the labor force in recent years. Since 2000, there are nearly two million fewer 16-to-34-year-olds in the labor force, which is a problem since this age cohort makes up nearly two-thirds of the restaurant industry workforce.

National Culinary Arts Month helps us appreciate the hardworking and creative chefs and restaurant workers while raising awareness of the challenges employers face. One solution to the employee shortage is for more high schools to offer culinary CTE (career technical education) pathways.
What Do Parents Really Want for Their Children’s Education?
For Jesse, music is a way of life. He’s been playing bass guitar and touring since he was five years old. But all that travel meant going to school was hard — until he enrolled at our school. He had been to public school and had been homeschooled but found the difference here to be monumental. 

According to Jesse’s Dad, “school for me was miserable so when my kids came to me and said they didn’t like school, I understood because I felt the same way about school. When we found this school, it was like ‘these people get it.’ They know that each kid is different and has different needs and they work with them.”

We helped Jesse reach his goal and change his story by allowing him the opportunity to do what he loves and graduate from high school.

Jesse’s parents aren’t alone in knowing what they want for their children.