Dear Beloved of God,

Your Session met on April 13 (in the middle of Holy Week). Several items of business were considered, including the following action items:
  • Approved the minutes of the March 20 Session meeting.
  • Moved Jeff and Kay Gilbert from inactive to active membership, then issued a transfer letter for the Gilberts to Aiken's First Baptist Church in Aiken, SC.
  • Approved the Outreach Committee's recommendations for mission support. (Please speak to a Committee member for more information.)
  • Approved the Nurture and Outreach committee's recommendations to do something fun on the playground after worship on Pentecost Sunday. 
  • Voted to send $500 ($338 from 2021 Peace and Global Witness Offering and $162 from Outreach Budget) to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance to help those in need in Ukraine. We will hold $278 from the 2021 Pentecost Offering in our accounts for the time being.
  • Voted to allow the Presbyterian Mission Agency to use an individual church member’s gift of $279 made directly to PMA for their programs.
  • Appointed Session members Jack Marcum and Lucy Steilberg to the 2022 Nominating Committee.
  • Approved the formation of a CHPC Scholarship Committee to handle the details of administering the Scholarship Funds for 2022. The committee will include Patti Marcum, coordinator; Bob Abrams and Lucy D. Steilberg, application reviewers; Soni Castleberry, Nurture Committee chair; and Alan Pauw, Stewardship Committee. 
  • Approved the Nurture Committee's recommendation that the Stewardship Committee examine the interest on the scholarship funds earned during 2021. Stewardship will notify Session by its May 2022 meeting of these amounts and its recommendation on allocating the interest for 2022.
  • Approved a recommendation from the Communication Committee to develop guidelines on what will be included on the church's website calendar. The committee will establish the policies and bring them back to the Session for approval.
  • Approved the Re-Opening Committee's recommendation on new COVID guidelines. See the Holy Week newsletter for information.
  • Approved the Annual Report. 
  • Scheduled the visitation and memorial service for the Rev. Mary Love in the fellowship hall and sanctuary, possibly on May 14. (The date is now May 15.)
  • Appointed Polly Cushman and Jack Marcum as CHPC commissioners for the May 23 Presbytery meeting at the Presbyterian Center.
  • Approved the Rev. Nancy Troy to preach on April 3 (retroactive) and Jessica Maudlin on April 24.
  • Received Erin Denny's resignation from the Session with gratitude for her hard work and commitment. 

Lights flickered, Wi-Fi went out, and storm sirens abruptly ended our meeting. I am grateful to our clerk Polly Cushman for putting the above items in writing and to the Session for their dedication and commitment.


Worship Services - Zoom and In-Person
Sunday, April 24, 2022 at 11AM
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Happy Earth Day!
April means SPRING and EARTH DAY! Our world is coming out of the sleepy winter and blossoming forth in beauty everywhere. CHPC has paid special attention to the environment and God’s world for many, many years. In 2012, the church became an Earth Care Congregation, through the PC(USA). As we have every year since then, we have recently received notice of our recertification. This recertification for 2022 shows the amount of commitment our congregation has shown to caring for God’s Earth. We need more members to work with us on the Earth Care Team. If you are interested in meeting with us or being on the email list, please contact either Polly Cushman or Barbara Hedspeth!

We are also celebrating Earth Day in the worship service Sunday, April 24. Jessica Maudlin will be preaching, and a member of the CHPC Earth Care Team will be helping with the liturgy. Jessica is the Associate for Sustainable Living and Earth Care Concerns for the PC(USA). The Earth Care Pledge says we “will celebrate God’s grace and glory in creation and declare that God calls us to cherish, protect and restore this earth.” Join us on Sunday the 24th to celebrate our beautiful gift from God and to examine ways we can help to restore our Earth!
Zoom Sunday School for Children
Children of all ages are invited to Zoom Sunday School, each Sunday morning from 9:45–10:15. Please join us for songs, Bible stories, prayers, crafts, and more!

As word spreads about Zoom Sunday School, we’ve been blessed to have participants from as far away as Washington State and Costa Rica. We will be joined at least occasionally in the new year by Sid (aka Luke Van Marter), who no doubt will continue to make us smile as he completely misunderstands the day’s Bible lesson.

Teachers are Eva Stimson, Jerry Van Marter and Bev Machin. Please contact Eva or Jerry if you are interested in being part of the teaching team in 2022 or if you want to be added to the list to receive the weekly Zoom invitations. If you have any questions or comments, please call or email Eva Stimson or Jerry Van Marter.
Congregational Meeting Sunday, May 1, 2022
There will be a congregational meeting on Sunday, May 1, 2022 prior to worship service at 10:50am in the Fellowship Hall. This meeting will be held to receive the annual report and to vote on corporation officers.
Calling all 2022 Grads!
Is there a graduate in the house? Does your family have a graduate from high school, trade or technical school, college, or grad school this year? The Nurture Committee believes we have five within the congregation, but we want to be sure we are right.

Let us celebrate with you! Graduates will be recognized at the June 5 worship service. Please contact Faith Grady in the church office at with the graduate’s name, graduation date, school, and future plans if they know yet.
Appointments with Peggy
If you would like to schedule an appointment to meet with Peggy, please contact the church office at 502.893.5381 or email
Westminster Weekly Submissions Deadline
Please have all Westminster Weekly submissions turned in every Wednesday by noon. Use this link for submissions and follow the prompts. Thank you!
Please continue to visit the CHPC website to stay connected with our faith community!
Deacon of the Month: April
Shannon Langley is our Deacon of the Month. If you or someone you know is in need of a kind gesture, please reach out to Shanon at or call 502-396-8980.
Elder of the Week
Erin Denny is our Elder of the Week. She can be contacted by phone at 502-439-0021 or via email at