The national formula shortage has been another hurdle for struggling families. Even those who can normally locate and afford this necessity found themselves scrambling when supply was low and prices increased this spring following the Abbott formula plant shutdown in February. 

Western Pennsylvania was happy to be in a position to serve our community, receiving a large donation of formula at the end of May from Baby2Baby, a national nonprofit partner specializing in emergency relief items for families. Within a couple of days of receiving the news of the donation, the Diaper Bank was able to distribute over two pallets of formula directly to the community. The Enfamil Gentlease formula was in demand since it is easier to digest for most babies. 

One client was driving to Ohio to find formula. Another shared that he was on his last can and rushed over on his lunch break to make sure he could bring some home to his baby. Diaper Bank partner Symone Saul explained what a huge relief it was to have this resource for her clients. “It was such a gift to receive a massive donation of formula at a time when people were struggling more than usual to feed their babies. No parent should have to watch their child cry from hunger because greedy industries refuse to provide fair prices and access. Pittsburgh Restaurant Workers Aid is so lucky to have the Western PA Diaper Bank looking out for the many babies in our network and throughout the region.” 

The Diaper Bank’s reputation under the direction of leader Cathy Battle, our robust partner network, and warehouse space put us in a position to serve parents in crisis. Our small team quickly answered the call to serve, reaching out to our partner agencies and opening up emergency distributions to the public. Through a series of four total distributions to the public and our partners, we were able to get 3,594 cans of formula into the hands of parents who could not find this essential product for their babies.

Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank is grateful to Baby2Baby, the Tull Family Foundation, and our partner agencies for enabling us to help families through this formula crisis. 

If you or someone you know is still in need of formula, please email us at