JUNE 2024


On May 24, 2024, the West Pikeland Township Board of Supervisors announced a revised meeting schedule for the summer months. Board of Supervisors meetings have been cancelled for June 3, July 1, and August 5, 2024.

Previously scheduled meetings for June 17, July 15, and August 19, 2024 remain unchanged and will take place as scheduled.


Members of the West Pikeland Township Environmental Advisory Council joined West Vincent Township Litter Lifters to remove litter on Rt 401 between Messner Road and Dewees Lane. Volunteers covered .8 miles and cleaned up both sides of Rt 401, collecting 15 bags of litter. Thank you to all the volunteers who keep our corner of the world litter free!


On July 4, 2026, communities across the nation will celebrate the 250th anniversary of our great nation. Planning for celebrations and commemorations is underway NOW, at the federal, statewide, and local levels. On November 10, 2021, the Chester County Commissioners signed a resolution to create the Chester County America250 PA Commission (CC250). In March, the West Pikeland Township Board of Supervisors approved Resolution 2024-10 to support the Pennsylvania Commission for America250.


CC250's overarching goal is to promote interactive, inclusive, compelling experiences to commemorate and celebrate America’s 250th anniversary throughout 2026. CC250 initiatives shall help Chester County communities and visitors encounter the many ways in which Chester County participated in and influenced our nation's past, and elevate our understanding of our continuing journey to build a more perfect union.


West Pikeland Township is seeking volunteers to participate in our Municipal 250th Committee Task Force to help celebrate the nation’s 250th. Participants will also be able to engage in training held by Chester County 250. Training events will be held on the fourth Friday of each month beginning on June 7, 2024 via Zoom, and West Pikeland Township would like to have Task Force members attend these sessions. 


If you are interested in representing our township in the Chester County 250 planning, contact Township Manager Joe Romano at manager@westpikeland.com.



Follow these CC250 Nonprofit Partners on social media to stay in the loop:


• Chester County 250 (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Chesco250/; Instagram:


• Chester County History Center (Facebook:

https://www.facebook.com/ChesterCountyHistory; Instagram:


• Chester County Tourism (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brandywinevalley;

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brandywinevalley/)

• Historic Yellow Springs (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HistoricYellowSprings;

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/historicyellowsprings/)


At the April 15, 2024 Board of Supervisors meeting, Ordinance 2024-01 was approved

Unless you’re a Panda Bear, bamboo can be a very detrimental plant to be seen growing in out township. Its remarkable growth rate makes it an attractive, sustainable resource for construction, furniture, and various eco-friendly products. However, this same characteristic allows bamboo to quickly dominate landscapes, outcompeting native flora and disrupting local ecosystems. Its extensive root system can penetrate and damage infrastructure such as sidewalks, roads, and even building foundations, leading to costly repairs and safety hazards. Additionally, controlling bamboo spread requires significant effort and resources, as its resilient root network can regenerate even after cutting or burning.

Consequently, while bamboo offers numerous benefits, its invasive tendencies necessitate careful management to prevent ecological and infrastructural damage. The tough underground shoots of bamboo, called rhizomes, spread horizontally and deep underground where they can damage water, sewer, and gas lines, and when these shoots rise to the surface, they can block waterways, and damage roads, driveways, patios and sidewalks. Along public roads they can interfere with overhead power lines and

become a visual safety hazard at road intersections.

Due to the above issues, West Pikeland Township leadership, on the advice of both the Environmental Advisory Council and Planning Commission, passed Bamboo Ordinance 2024-01 at the April 15, 2024 Board of Supervisors meeting. The ordinance prohibits the planting of any new unrestricted bamboo and contains regulations regarding the treatment of pre-ordinance plantings. This highly invasive, rapidly growing and spreading plant is an insidious nuisance and an economic, safety and aesthetic liability.

You can read the ordinance in its entirety here


The West Pikeland Township Board of Supervisors has launched a multi-step campaign series aimed at providing township residents with a clearer understanding of their annual property tax bills. Recognizing the importance of transparency and community engagement, the initiative seeks to demystify the complex components of Property Taxes: School, County and Township. The campaign series will also explain township expenses and how our township compares to neighboring townships.


Residents can expect to receive three postcards during this campaign, which ends in September. Additionally, our website will be updated for each informational phase, so check back often!

The first phase of the Did You Know Campaign explained the different types of property taxes township residents receive. It will also explain township expenses. You can view the 2024 West Pikeland Township budget here

The second phase of the Did You Know Campaign provides a comparison between our township and neighboring townships regarding millage rates.  Public comment will be available on this page and by email.


The third phase of the Did You Know Campaign will share the public comments the Township has collected and what we have heard from residents. It will also discuss how any proposed changes, if any, will affect residents.

Visit our Website


JUNE 4-5, 2024, 7PM TO 6AM


Be advised of a road closure at the intersection of Upper Pine Creek and Davis Road near the turnpike overpass/bridge. 

Road closures will be between 7pm and 6am on June 4 and 5th, 2024, to allow for heavy equipment maneuvering in and around the overpass bridge construction.


Yoga in the Park is back! Join us at Pine Creek Park next to the lower Pavilion for free yoga sessions every Saturday at 9am, May 4th through June 8th.

Bring your own mat and water bottle.

Sponsored by the West Pikeland Township Parks & Rec Committee and the Chester Springs Library.




June 22 @ 10:30am

Installing a Geothermal Heat Pump System at Your Home

Chester Springs Library

1709 Art School Road, Chester Springs

Resident’s House (location to be given when event begins at library)



Join members of the Environmental Advisory Counsel in a hands-on program to review the approach and the economics of installing a Geothermal Heat Pump system in your house. Topics covered will be installation in new houses and retrofits in existing houses. This can be the first step in planning your exit strategy from using fossil fuels at your house.

After a brief presentation at the library, the group will caravan to a West Pikeland resident’s house to see a system as installed in a house. 


July 20 @ 10:30am

Join us at the Chester Springs Library (1709 Art School Road, Chester Springs) to learn more about installing Rain Gardens and Native Plantings at your home. After a brief introduction at the library the group will caravan to a resident’s home to see an actual installation.

September 21 @ 10:30am

Join us at the Chester Springs Library (1709 Art School Road, Chester Springs) to learn more about installing a solar and battery backup system in your home. After a brief introduction at the library the group will caravan to a resident’s home to see a system in operation.


Join the Environmental Advisory Council as they present an ongoing event series, Sustainable Saturdays, April through September 2024. At these events, township residents can learn about sustainable systems for their homes by attending several speaker series at either the township building or the Chester Springs Library. In addition, attendees will be able to visit various West Pikeland Township resident’s homes for demonstrations of sustainable systems. This series will occur throughout the summer as residents and experts share their knowledge on creating a sustainable home. Sponsored by the EAC and Chester Springs Library

Mark your calendars for informative and money savings ideas to make your house more energy efficient and your property more sustainable. The Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) has set up a program called Sustainable Saturdays to assist residents in moving forward with the energy efficiency and green objectives they have.


Sustainable Saturdays through the summer will highlight what some Township residents have done to reduce their energy consumption and save money. The residents will give an introductory talk at the Chester Springs Library and then take the group to their home to see the ideas and systems in practice.


Excessive idling of your car can affect:

Your Wallet: Idling your car wastes gas. It is estimated that gas consumption is approximately .5 gallons and hour during idle. Larger cars and trucks can easily be more

Our Air: Idling your car contributes to unnecessary additional auto emissions that contribute to ozone pollution, acid rain and climate change

Our Children: Idling at school subjects our children to health risks because vehicle emissions are more concentrated near the ground, where children breathe. Poor air quality can contribute to asthma and other health concerns

Your Car: Check your cars operating manual. Excessive idling may shorten the life of spark plugs and catalytic converters

Think about opportunities you may have to reduce car idling


West Pikeland Township's Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) cleaned up a section of our township's stretch of Rt. 113 on Saturday, April 27, collecting over 20 bags of trash and assorted large items.

Did you know the EAC adopted Rt 113 from Clover Mill Road to Lower Pine Creek Road through the PA Adopt-a-Highway program in 2022?

We are so grateful to have this dedicated team of volunteers who give back to our township, keeping our community enjoyable for all!


Environmental Advisory Council Meeting

Tuesday, June 4 2024 @ 7:30pm

1645 Art School Road, Chester Springs

The public is welcome to attend. Please enter via the lower courtyard.

Zoning Hearing Board

Wednesday, June 5 2024 @ 7:00pm

1645 Art School Road, Chester Springs

The public is welcome to attend. Please enter via the lower courtyard. See notice here

Parks and Recreation Meeting

Thursday, June 6, 2024 @ 7:30pm

1645 Art School Road, Chester Springs

The public is welcome to attend. Please enter via the lower courtyard.

Planning Commission Meeting

Monday, June 10, 2024 @ 6:00pm

1645 Art School Road, Chester Springs

The public is welcome to attend. Please enter via the lower courtyard.

Open Space Committee Meeting

Thursday, June 13, 2024 @ 7:00pm.

1645 Art School Road, Chester Springs

The public is welcome to attend. Please enter via the lower courtyard.

Board of Supervisors Meeting

Monday, June 17, 2024 @ 7:30pm

1645 Art School Road, Chester Springs

The public is welcome to attend. Please enter via the lower courtyard.

Agendas are posted here the Friday before meetings.

Meeting information, including agendas, can be found on our website

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Adventure Begins at Chester Springs Library

By: Susie Hawkins

Summer is finally here and so is Summer Reading! Our theme is Adventure Begins at Your Library. From June 8 to August 10, join us for awesome programs and family-friendly shows at Pine Creek Park. Keep track of your reading for chances to win prizes in the End-of-Summer prize raffle! We’ll have prizes for all ages, from babies to adults, and they’ll be displayed in the library throughout the summer. All prizes are donated. Can you donate a prize? We’d really appreciate it. Any dollar amount, but we ask that prizes are new or unopened. Thank you for helping to make Summer Reading great!

June will be chock-full of events you won’t want to miss! Explore our online calendar here and register for any programs requiring it. Enjoy these highlights:

June 6 @ 10:30-11 am: Makin’Music - Sing, dance, and shake your sillies out with Mr. Dan! No registration, for young children

June 10 @ 1-2 & 2:30-3:30 pm: DIY Book Bags – Decorate a book bag using foam stamps and paint, then use it all summer long! All materials will be provided by the library. Registration is required. Adults welcome too

June 11 & 25 @ 10-10:45 am: Family Yoga with Miss Amanda – Practice movement, breath work, and mindfulness by doing yoga on the library’s lawn. For school-age children and their adult(s). No registration

June 19 @ 10:30 am: Summer in the Park Series: Going on an Adventure – Join Mister Boom Boom on a musical adventure while learning about different instruments and marching in a parade! @ Pine Creek Park. No registration

June 22 @ 10:30 am: Sustainable Saturday Discussion, Geothermal Heat Pump Systems - Join West Pikeland Township Environmental Advisory Council for a discussion with residents who have personal experience planning a Geothermal Heat Pump System for their homes. No registration

June 26 @ 10:30 am: Summer in the Park Series: Adventures of the Lost Treasure - Help Talewise Science Heroes go treasure hunting deep in the jungle while exploring several exciting science concepts including air pressure, energy transfer, and chemical changes. @ Pine Creek Park. No Registration

Did you know you can track your summer reading online this year with Beanstack?

Visit our website at www.chesterspringslibrary.org to learn more or download our famous paper coupons to log your minutes.


Jazz at the Springs

June 4, 2024

3pm to 5:30pm

Founded in 1998, this annual free, outdoor music festival will be on Sunday June 4 from 3 to 5:30 pm in the field behind the Chester Springs Studio. Parking is in the field adjacent and also at the Washington Building- follow the signs! Bring lawn chairs, your family and friends and a cooler and enjoy terrific local musicians- including Glenn Ferracone and Friends.

Food and drink will be available from the Cedar Hollow Inn.

The Chester Springs Studio will be having a kiln firing during the Jazz and Studio art work will be for sale. This is a rain or shine event with no rain date. Jazz at the Springs is free and hosted by HYS every year on the first Sunday of June. Your donations during the event will benefit the many projects and programs of HYS.


SALT Theatre

Anything Goes

May 31- June 16, 2024

Music, dance, laughs, and the age-old tale of boy meets girl... Anything Goes is delightful, delicious, and de-lovely as a hilarious shipboard romp wrapped in one of Cole Porter’s most magical scores. Set sail with us at our West Chester theatre location where you’ll get to feel like you’re on the cruise with the incredible cast!


Mill Demonstration

Saturday, June 8, 2024

10 am – 4 pm

Beekeeping Speaker Series

Sunday, June 9th, 2024

3pm - 4pm

The Mill at Anselma

Step into history and join us at The Mill at Anselma every Saturday from 10 am to 4 p.m. and Sunday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. to immerse yourself in the colonial-era milling process.

Saturday, June 8th, promises excitement galore! It's Demo Day, featuring live music and an art show.

Witness the ancient art of milling in action and explore the rich history and engineering marvels behind our beloved grist mill. Plus, don't miss out on the stunning artwork of local talent Frederick "Fred" Steinruck, available for purchase with a portion of proceeds supporting the mill. And what's a fun day without some live music? Devon Brass will ensure the atmosphere is lively and entertaining!

On Sunday, June 9th, we're thrilled to welcome Tim Ferris, head beekeeper at Extract and Box LLC, to enlighten us about pollination. Admission to this event is free.

And if you're craving some outdoor adventure, our nature trail awaits you daily, offering serene walks amidst nature's beauty from dawn to dusk. 

For an updated schedule and entrance fees, please visit our website at www.anselmamill.org.

More info >

Chester County Farm Guide

Want to know where to buy award-winning cheese, Christmas trees, honey, alpaca fleece and everything in between right here in Chester County?

Check out the The Chester County Farm Guide for over 125 farms and retail outlets selling locally grown goodness.


More info >

Chester County Town Tours and Village Walks

This year's Town Tours and Village Walks program reflects on 30 years of this free summer program. Participants will see the successes of various Chester County municipalities with historic preservation. The programs will showcase individual structures, villages, and important landscapes.

The 2024 program kicks off on June 6 at the Chester County History Center and ends August 15 at Yellow Springs. As always, it was a great series of events which could not have happened without our wonderful partners and volunteers!

NOTE: Preregistration is not required for any of the Town Tours. Go to the advertised starting point of the tour and register onsite.

Thursday, June 6 West Chester

The kickoff for the 30th Town Tours, taking place at the Chester County History Center, is also honoring the Borough's 225th Anniversary. Various walking tours will trace the Borough's evolution from the Quaker farming village of Turk's Head to Chester County's County Seat, to the "Athens of Pennsylvania", to a 19th century "walking town", to a modern residential, business and educational community..

Parking & Registration: Garage at 14 E. Chestnut Street, metered street parking, metered lot at Chestnut & Church. The doors open at 5:00 to register for a tour. The kickoff starts at 5:30, and is immediately followed by the tour.

Thursday, June 13

South Coventry

Tour the historic village or Coventryville and help us celebrate Coventryville United Methodist Church's 250th anniversary! Coventryville, founded in 1717 by Samuel Nutt, was the site of Coventry Forge, the first iron forge in Chester County. As industry grew, the village flourished in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Parking & Registration: Warwick County Park, 191 County Park Road, Pottstown PA 19465. Tour groups will be taken via shuttle bus to Coventryville.

Thursday, June 20 West Whiteland

Explore the Ashbridge House and Indian Run Farm, the ancestral homestead of West Whiteland's founding Thomas family. Our tour celebrates adaptive reuse of historic structures being integrated into new development.

Parking & Registration: Navigate to 259 Indian Run Street, Exton, which is a four-story apartment building. A parking lot and the Ashbridge Mansion are behind the apartments. Parking is also available at Walmart and the former Sam's Club site. The tour will begin at the mansion.

Thursday, June 27 Upper Uwchlan

Explore the historic farmhouse, barn, and corncrib of Upland Farm successfully preserved and adaptively reused as a park with hiking trails. Both floors of the historic barn and two of the first floor rooms in the historic farmhouse will be open for the tour.

Parking & Registration: Upland Farm Park, 301 Pottstown Pike, Chester Springs

Thursday, July 11 West Bradford

Highland Orchards has been a long-time staple in the West Bradford Township community since 1941. Visitors will be guided through 200 acres of orchards and farmland on wagons to learn more about the agribusiness and how it has enabled the preservation of land, structures, and viewsheds.

Parking & Registration: 1000 Marshallton Thorndale Road, West Chester

Thursday, July 18 East Whiteland

Explore the Village of White Horse, mapped and settled since the early 18th century. Primarily an agricultural and limestone mining area in 1777, the Village became associated with the Battle of the Brandywine, the Battle of the Clouds and Paoli, all in September of that year, and was a prime military and supply center.

Parking & Registration: Park at 969 (Home of the Sparrow) or 967 (adapted barn) E. Swedesford Road, Exton. Volunteers will direct parking. The tour will start in the area of these two buildings.

Register here >

Chester County Solid Waste Authority Announces Upcoming Household Hazardous Waste Events


Friday, June 21, 2024 - Coatesville

Saturday, August 24, 2024 - Oxford

Saturday, October 5, 2024 - West Chester

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