Wellesley Books Newsletter May 29th, 2024

May is almost at its end, but there is still time to grab a new and engaging book off of our AANHPI display! We have a variety of fiction and nonfiction titles from Asian American authors and creatives.

And the end of May can only mean one thing...SUMMER IS COMING. We are stocking our shelves with beach reads, camping reads, travel reads, all of your literature needs for the next warm months! Drop in to see our new stock of books and gifts.

Upcoming Events

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Sunday, June 2nd at 1 PM (in-person)

Todd Boss, author of the picture book The Boy Who Said WOW, joins us along with the book's star, Ronan Mattin, for a meet-and-greet. No need to RSVP, just come by anytime between 1:00–2:00pm to say hi!

About the book:

Inspired by the beautiful true story of a nonverbal boy moved to speech at his first Mozart concert, this picture book is a testament to the power of art and the boundless joy it can bring.

When Grandfather comes to take his grandson to a concert, Ronan is quiet as they leave the house, quiet in the car, and quiet at the concert hall. But when the performance is over and the beautiful music fades out at last, Ronan opens his mouth…and lets out a great big WOW!

Not any old WOW, but Ronan’s very first WOW! That one word fills up the hearts of Ronan’s family, the musicians, the audience, and—when the recording goes viral—the world.

Thursday, June 6th at 7 PM (in-person)

Ann Leary, bestselling author of The Foundling and The Good House joins us to discuss her new collection of essays, I've Tried Being Nice.

Having arrived at a certain age (her prime), Ann Leary casts a wry backward glance at a life spent trying—and often failing—to be nice. With wit and surprising candor, Leary recounts the bedlam of home bat invasions, an obsession with online personality tests, and the mortification of taking ballroom dance lessons with her actor husband. She describes hilarious red-carpet fiascos and other observations from the sidelines of fame, while also touching upon her more poignant struggles with alcoholism, her love for her family, her dogs, and so much more.

“[A] winning essay collection…The humor lands and the lithe prose elevates Leary’s musings on life’s mundanities. This is a gem.” —Publisher's Weekly

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Saturday, June 15th at 2 PM (in-person)

Eric Jay Dolin, author of Leviathan: The History of Whaling in America, joins us for a meet-and-greet in celebration of his latest book, Left for Dead: Shipwreck, Treachery, and Survival at the Edge of the World. No need to RSVP, just come by anytime between 2:00–4:00pm to say hi!

The true story of five castaways abandoned on the Falkland Islands during the War of 1812—a tale of treachery, shipwreck, isolation, and the desperate struggle for survival.

A tale of intriguing complexity, with surprising twists and turns throughout—involving greed, lying, bullying, a hostile takeover, stellar leadership, ingenuity, severe privation, endurance, banishment, the great value of a dog, the birth of a baby, a perilous thousand-mile open-ocean journey in a seventeen-foot boat, an improbable rescue mission, and legal battles over a dubious and disgraceful wartime prize.

Monday, June 17th at 7 PM (in-person)

Wellesley Books is happy to host poets Tatiana Johnson-Boria, Sarah Kersey, and Matthew E. Henry to discuss their collections. 

Tatiana Johnson-Boria (she/her) is the author of Nocturne in Joy (2023). She’s an educator, artist, and facilitator who uses her writing practice to dismantle racism, reckon with trauma, and to cultivate healing.

Sarah Kersey (she/they) is a poet and x-ray technologist originally from New Jersey. Her debut chapbook is forthcoming from Newfound in 2024.

Matthew E. Henry (he/him) is the author of six collections. He is editor-in-chief of The Weight Journal and an associate poetry editor at Rise Up Review.

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Bookseller recommendations

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Rebecca recommends: Help Wanted by Adele Waldman

Another witty and subtle comedy-of-manners from one of my favorite contemporary writers! An impending power vacuum at a big box-store inspires the best and worst in its workers. If you like workplace comedy/drama, try this book out.

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Shanna recommends: The Husbands by Holly Gramazio

A fun, creative take on how we navigate the world and what choices we make. Lauren has a magic attic that provides her with husbands on demand. I am not usually a magical realism fan, but this one was great!

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Jon recommends: City in Ruins by Don Winslow.

The last in this crime fiction trilogy, Winslow also says it is the final book in his writing career. Modeled loosely on the themes of Virgil’s Aeneid, the story follows the main character, Danny Ryan, a small time Irish Mafiosa, from Providence Rhode Island (book 1), to Hollywood (book 2), to Las Vegas as a casino owner. Winslow paints the landscape of Las Vegas very well; the colorful characters are well fleshed out, and the plot is propulsive. Fasten your seat belt for an exciting ride!

New in Hardcover

9781250290311 image

The Fireborne Blade

Charlotte Bond

9780063394056 image

You Are Here

David Nicholls

9781501183058 image

A Walk in the Park

Kevin Fedarko

9781668034347 image

The Safekeep

Yael van der Wouden

9780385545990 image

Camino Ghosts

John Grisham

9781915202680 image


S. T. Gibson

9780062824691 image

Southern Man

Greg Iles

9780593729458 image

The Call To Serve

Jon Meacham

9781541605640 image

The Book-Makers

Adam Smyth

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New in Paperback

9780063296602 image

The Goddess of Warsaw

Lisa Barr

9780062802767 image

World Travel: An Irreverent Guide

Anthony Bourdain & Laurie Woolever

9781250336156 image

Hello Stranger

Katherine Center

9780063207271 image

Family Lore

Elizabeth Acevedo

9780063204218 image

The Measure

Nikki Erlick

9781982177928 image


T. J. Newman

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New Books for Kids

9781250348401 image

Detective Sweet Pea: The Case of the Golden Bone

Sara Varon

9780063238244 image

Through a Clouded Mirror

Miya T. Beck

9781665950121 image

The Whisperwicks #1:

The Labyrinth of Lost and Found

Jordan Lees

New Books for Young Adults

9781250884893 image

Twelfth Knight

Alexene Farol Follmuth

9781250888518 image

The Quince Project

Jessica Parra

9781250895479 image

Self-Made Boys

Anna-Marie McLemore

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Kids' Subscriptions

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A Child's Library and Middle-Grade Monthly are our two book subscriptions for children aged 0-5 and 8-12, respectively. Each month, Lauren and Kali select a newly-published picture book or middle-grade novel. Subscriptions can be purchased on a month-to-month basis, or for a year, and may be shipped to the child's home or picked up in-store. There's still time to get our May selections: Built to Last by Minh Le and With Twice the Love, Dessie Mei by Justina Chen. Please click on the covers for more information.

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In the Gift Department

Find some solidarity swag for Pride Month in the gift department. June is sneaking up, so don't get caught without an ally-ship rainbow at the parade! We have socks, sunglasses, pins, jewelry, and home-goods to show your Pride.

What Inspires us!

We asked Wellesley staff what book changed their perspective on something and expanded their knowledge. If you're looking for your next inspiring read, take a peek at what we've found impactful!

9781250269782 image

The Tenth Parallel


9780062977373 image

South to America


9780063356474 image

10% Happier


9781250757982 image

The Undying


9781422188613 image

The First 90 Days


9780544938328 image

How to Be a Good Creature


9781571313560 image

Braiding Sweetgrass


9780812981933 image



9781638931300 image

Truth is the Arrow, Mercy is the Bow


Dog(s) of the Week

Bella and Bentley

Bella and Bentley stopped by the bookstore on a rainy afternoon to say hi! They are both Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and although not related, they act like brother and sister. They like stopping by Wellesley Books (for good literature and treats) and enjoy a fun (and sometimes damp, in this case) romp through the woods.

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