Wellesley Books Newsletter February 21st, 2024

Through false snow storms, blustery days, and holidays that confuse business hours, we will be here! A big thank you to anyone who came out in the slush or on Valentine's/President's Day. In the best way possible, we've been trying to keep up with all of you avid readers, stocking the shelves with your favorites and great new content. Our staff have also been reading fiendishly, so on your next visit, don't forget to keep an eye out of our staff recommendation tags throughout the store. They're handy when you're trying to make a decision or need something fresh!

Upcoming Events


Thursday, February 22nd at 7 PM (in-person)

Award-winning journalist Meg Kissinger discusses her powerful and insightful memoir, While You Were Out: An Intimate Family Portrait of Mental Illness in an Era of Silence. Meg will be in conversation with Paul Summergrad, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry and Medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine and Tufts Medical Center.

While You Were Out begins as the personal story of one family’s struggles then opens outward, as Kissinger details how childhood tragedy catalyzed a journalism career focused on exposing our country’s flawed mental health care. Combining the intimacy of memoir with the rigor of investigative reporting, the book explores the consequences of shame, the havoc of botched public policy, and the hope offered by new treatment strategies.

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Wednesday, March 6th at 5:30 PM (in-person)

Rachel Slade, journalist and author of Into the Raging Sea, joins us to discuss her new book, Making It in America. The evening will begin with light refreshments and mingling at 5:30pm, followed by Rachel's conversation about her book at 6:00pm, and conclude with a signing line. 

Presented in partnership with Gennari Aronson Law Partners. 

From the best-selling author of Into the Raging Sea comes a moving and eye-opening look at the story of manufacturing in America, whether it can ever successfully return to our shores, and why our nation depends on it, told through the experience of one young couple in Maine as they attempt to rebuild a lost industry, ethically.

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Tuesday, March 12th at 7 PM (in-person)

Wellesley College alum Suzette Mullen joins us to celebrate the release of her new memoir about coming out later in life, The Only Way Through Is Out.

Suzette Mullen had been raised to play it safe—and she hated causing others pain. With college and law degrees, a kind and successful husband, two thriving adult sons, and an ocean-view vacation home, she lived a life many people would envy. But beneath the happy facade was a woman who watched her friends walk boldly through their lives and wondered what was holding her back from doing the same. Digging into her past, Suzette uncovered a deeply buried truth: she’d been in love with her best friend—a woman—for nearly two decades—and still was.

Introspective, bittersweet, and empowering, The Only Way Through Is Out is both a coming-out and coming-of-age story, as well as a call to action for every human who is longing to live authentically but is afraid of the cost.

"Candid, inspirational. . . . An emotive memoir that issues a stirring call to women to choose self-actualization." —Foreword Reviews

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Bookseller Recommendations

9781250266019 image

Lorna recommends: The Fox Wife by Yangsze Choo

Yangsze Choo has created a beguiling story set in China in the early 20th century--though it feels more ancient than the year suggests. The alternating chapters are narrated by a young, beautiful and determined mother looking for revenge, and an older, gentle detective--who can always detect a lie. The setting, the characters and the perfect blend of realism and fantasy drew me completely into the story. The Fox Wife is a historical novel like no other, incredibly alluring, like the foxes-turned-human that inhabit it.  

9780063288515 image

Jerry recommends: Whiskey Tender by Deborah Jackson Taffa

Pub date 2/27/24

A powerful memoir that pulls the curtain back on Indigenous family life in late 20th century America. Growing up in the Southwest USA, the author retells her story both on the reservation (Yuma, AZ) and off (Farmington, NM) as she and her family deal with assimilation, racism, alcohol abuse, tragedy, religion and economic ambition while they struggle to succeed in American society. The detailed and often-times painful growing-up story focuses on identity and the desire to “fit in” vs. the internal need to “be yourself” and the author’s journey to understanding and accepting her mixed culture and her own family. This is a very strong, eye-opening memoir that blends Indigenous belief and American culture with the difficulties of growing up and finding oneself.

New in Hardcover

9781250288349 image

How to Win Friends and Influence Fungi

Dr. Chris Balakrishnan

9781501177859 image


Matt Gallagher

9781959030348 image

Otter Country

Miriam Darlington

9781639732425 image

Welcome to the Hyunam-Dong Bookshop

Hwang Bo-reum

9781250289421 image

The Guest

B. A. Paris

9780063305427 image

A Fire So Wild

Sarah Ruiz-Grossman

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New in Paperback

9781250884138 image

Remedial Magic

Melissa Marr

9781662602740 image


Esther Yi

9781250879462 image

The Trouble with You

Ellen Feldman

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Long-Awaited in Paperback!

9780525509486 image

Empress of the Nile

Lynne Olson

9780062834997 image

The Collector

Daniel Silva

9780593490167 image

I Have Some Questions For You

Rebecca Makkai

Don't miss these titles for Black History Month!

Bookseller Recommendations for Young Readers

9781547613236 image

Ashleigh recommends: Destroy the Day by Brigid Kemmerer

I’m simultaneously so sad this series is over and so happy with how it ended. What started as a Robin Hood-esque adventure that spoke so deeply to our 2020 days, has ended with appropriate shock, heartbreak, triumph, and satisfaction. Kemmerer really tormented these characters through political, personal, romantic, familial, and geopolitical challenges. Their arcs have kept me on the edge of my seat, and while surprised with the end (OMG Harristan...), it feels (devastatingly) correct. I love the authenticity and complexity these characters have, and I will miss them until my next re-read. 10/10 recommendation.

New Books for Kids

9781665938907 image

Finding Normal

Stephanie Faris

9781250852397 image

Investigators: Agents of S.U.I.T. : From Badger to Worse

John Patrick Green

9780593619308 image

Daughters of the Lamp

Nedda Lewers

New Books for Young Adults

9780374389406 image

A Tempest of Tea

Hafsah Faizal

9780593378052 image

The Diablo's Curse

Gabe Cole Novoa

9781665937634 image

Conditions of a Heart

Bethany Mangle

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Kids' Book Subscriptions

9780593480571 image

A Child's Library and Middle-Grade Monthly are our two book subscriptions for children aged 0-5 and 8-12, respectively. Each month, Lauren and Kali select a newly-published picture book or middle-grade novel. Subscriptions can be purchased on a month-to-month basis, or for a year, and may be shipped to the child's home or picked up in-store. They make a great gift! Our February selections are The Last Stand by Antwan Eady, Jerome and Jarrett Pumphrey and The World Famous Nine by Ben Guterson and Kristina Kister. Please click on the covers for more information.

9780316484442 image

In the Gift Department

Jellycat has lots of fuzzy new friends! Each come with its own cute name and lots of love to give. Come in and find a new pal to take home!

What We're Reading Now

9781250236807 image

Family, Family


9780062129482 image

Small Mercies


9781618731661 image

In Other Lands


9781728289724 image

King of Wrath


9781640095373 image

The Forest Brims Over


9780063021433 image



9781250178633 image

The Women

Colleen C.

9781547608508 image

Shark Teeth


9781682636114 image

The Spirit Bares Its Teeth


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