Wellesley Books Newsletter March 6th, 2024

Pinch us, it's almost St. Patrick's Day! We have plenty of festive green garb, cards, and party snacks for the holiday, as well as all the Irish literature you'll need (for both kids and adults). We also have some great events lined up for the month of March, so check out our events page here for more information about the amazing authors who will be visiting us!

Upcoming Events


Wednesday, March 6th at 5:30 PM (in-person)

Rachel Slade, journalist and author of Into the Raging Sea, joins us to discuss her new book, Making It in America. The evening will begin with light refreshments and mingling at 5:30pm, followed by Rachel's conversation about her book at 6:00pm, and conclude with a signing line. 

Presented in partnership with Gennari Aronson Law Partners. 

From the best-selling author of Into the Raging Sea comes a moving and eye-opening look at the story of manufacturing in America—whether it can ever successfully return to our shores, and why our nation depends on it—told through the experience of one young couple in Maine as they attempt to ethically rebuild a lost industry.

“Both provides a wealth of background information on the rise and fall of manufacturing in America and tells a story of rebellious entrepreneurship, one full of hope, determination, and the American spirit.” —Booklist

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Tuesday, March 12th at 7 PM (in-person)

Wellesley College alum Suzette Mullen joins us to celebrate the release of her new memoir about coming out later in life, The Only Way Through Is Out.

Suzette Mullen had been raised to play it safe—and she hated causing others pain. With college and law degrees, a kind and successful husband, two thriving adult sons, and an ocean-view vacation home, she lived a life many people would envy. But beneath the happy facade was a woman who watched her friends walk boldly through their lives and wondered what was holding her back from doing the same. Digging into her past, Suzette uncovered a deeply buried truth: she’d been in love with her best friend, a woman, for nearly two decades—and still was.

Introspective, bittersweet, and empowering, The Only Way Through Is Out is both a coming-out and coming-of-age story, as well as a call to action for every human who is longing to live authentically but is afraid of the cost.

"Candid, inspirational. . . . An emotive memoir that issues a stirring call to women to choose self-actualization." —Foreword Reviews

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Thursday, March 21st at 7 PM (in-person)

Casey Sherman, author of Helltown: The Untold Story of a Serial Killer on Cape Cod, presents his new book, A Murder in Hollywood: The Untold Story of Tinseltown's Most Shocking Crime. 

New York Times bestselling true crime author Casey Sherman pulls back Tinseltown’s velvet curtain to reveal its dark underbelly through the shocking murder of Hollywood darling, Lana Turner.

Hollywood starlet Lana Turner was one of Tinseltown’s most recognizable faces in the 1940s and 50s. But, when the Academy Award-winning actress began dating mobster Johnny Stompanato—a thug for west-coast mob boss Mickey Cohen—all the lights and glamour of Hollywood couldn't brighten the darkness of her personal life.

"A must-read for fans of true crime and Hollywood history, A Murder in Hollywood never disappoints! Casey Sherman deftly serves just the right mix of glamour, glitz, and grit to keep the reader turning pages. It’s a stunner from start to finish." —Kristin Dilley, co-host, Mind over Murder podcast

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Bookseller Recommendations

9780062698261 image

Jerry recommends: Radiant: the Life and Line of Keith Haring by Brad Gooch

A well-researched biography, written with the cooperation of the Keith Haring foundation, which details an extraordinary life. Living by the philosophy of “your line is your personality” Haring devoted his life to hard work to fulfill his creative needs and perspective. From his formative years in small town Pennsylvania to 1980s NYC and the dawn of AIDS, Haring’s contribution evolved from subway drawings into a huge collection of permanent art that is a tribute to his creativity and work ethic. Throughout this bio, one is struck not just by his diligence and famous friends (Warhol, Basquiat, Madonna, Yoko Ono...) but also by his overall generosity, humbleness, kindness and treatment of people with respect—even in his complicated romantic life. There is true emotion and sadness permeating this biography in the realization of the loss of Haring and his contribution to art, but even more so in the loss of a very good human being.

9780374609849 image

Lia recommends: Grief is For People by Sloane Crosley

This eloquent and clear-eyed memoir explores loss—first, family heirlooms are stolen and soon after a vibrant, funny friend and former publishing colleague, who was "like family," takes his own life. The narrative strands of the two searches for resolution of some kind are deftly intertwined. A vivid, propulsive journey of mourning and memory.

9781250280916 image

Amadea recommends: The Other Significant Others by Rhaina Cohen

Drawing from interviews with life-long friends, sociological research, and her own experience, Cohen emphasizes the importance of platonic connection and affection, especially in a digital age obsessed with romance and catered to the nuclear family. Friendship will save our lives!

New in Hardcover

9781668020494 image

Kingdom on Fire

Scott Howard-Cooper

9781668020852 image

Fruit of the Dead

Rachel Lyon

9781668004241 image

Make It Fancy

Brandon Skier

9781982122201 image

Island Rule

Katie M. Flynn

9780374601652 image

Feeding Ghosts

Tessa Hulls

9781250899712 image

The Sunlit Man

Brandon Sanderson

9781250846006 image

Finlay Donovan Rolls the Dice

Elle Cosimano

9780593493434 image

The Hunter

Tana French

9781250786210 image

Anita DeMonte Laughs Last

Xochitl Gonzalez

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New in Paperback

9781524880651 image

What I Should've Texted

Pierre Alex Jeanty

9781668009833 image

The Ball in the Air

Michael Bamberger

9781982188092 image

Dinners With Ruth

Nina Totenberg

9781645679530 image

Gardening For Abundance

Brian Brigantti

9781250229717 image

The Soulmate

Sally Hepworth

9781250321718 image

Birnam Wood

Eleanor Catton

9780593468418 image

Old Babes in the Wood

Margaret Atwood

9780593441190 image

Happy Place

Emily Henry

9781668008010 image

The Golden Spoon

Jessa Maxwell

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Bookseller Recommendations for Young Readers

9780593621967 image

Shanna recommends: The Wrong Book by Drew Daywalt

The Wrong Book is a fun and laugh out loud topsy-turvy story. Written by the author of The Day the Crayons Quit, the bookmark narrator is very confused by what is happening, but it all works out in the end! A quick read when you want to giggle with your kids.

9780593525760 image

Sarah recommends: A Flicker of Hope by Cynthia Harmony

Lucia's father is like the monarch butterflies: he too must travel north from Mexico every year. And while Lucia misses him very much, she sings his songs and it feels like he and the butterflies are always with her. A touching story about two types of migration with lovely illustrations, Spanish vocabulary to learn, and information on how to help the monarch butterflies on their journey!

New Books for Kids

9781780559223 image

Sherlock Bones and the Horror of the Haunted Castle

Tim Collins

9781665941037 image

Maple's Theory of Fun

Kate McMillan & Ruthie Prillaman

9781665910781 image

Wilderlore Book 4:

The Night Compass

Amanda Foody

9781665931939 image

Evil Spy School Graphic Novel

Stuart Gibbs

9781665948340 image

Middle School and Other Disasters: Biggest Secret Ever!

Wanda Coven

9780593706114 image

Paper Dragons

Siobhan McDermott

New Books for Young Adults

9781665939812 image

The No-Girlfriend Rule

Christen Randall

9781649375889 image

Last of the Talons

Sophie Kim

9781368095570 image


Morgan Matson

9780316592710 image

The Prisoner's Throne

Holly Black

9781250828514 image

The Baker and the Bard

Fern Haught

9781616208974 image

Clever Creatures of the Night

Samantha Mabry

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In the Gift Department

Bunnies galore! Easter is March 31st and we have everything you need to fill an Easter basket. Candies, toys, and of course, books!

What We're Reading Now

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The Night Watchman


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The Phoenix Crown


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Disorderly Men


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Wandering Stars


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Emily Wilde's Map of the Otherlands


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The Other Valley


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The Things They Carried


Dog of the Week

Toby Keith

Yes, he's named after the country singer! Toby is a Golden Retriever puppy and he is nine and a half weeks old. Despite what you may think of sleepless puppies, Toby sleeps through the night with no fuss. His American Kennel Club name is Should've Been a Cowboy (after the Toby Keith song!). He and his mom, Linda, are frequent customers!

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