Congratulations to our WellPower Weekly Prize Winners!

Jane Rihanek, Lincoln - $25 Scheels Gift Card

Cathy Sayre, Lincoln - $25 Scheels Gift Card

Julie Yuhas, Lincoln - $25 Scheels Gift Card

Adam Fritz, Omaha - $25 Scheels Gift Card

These winners became eligible by logging activity miles at

Follow the WellPower Movement on Facebook, and post photos, stories and tips using #WellPowerUp to become eligible for additional prizes. 
It is not too late to join the challenge! Click HERE to register and start logging miles to participate.

Did You Know?

1 Hour of Reading = 1 Mile for WP100 Challenge

Reading provides numerous benefits for both physical and mental health. On a physical level, engaging in regular reading has been linked to reduced stress levels and improved sleep quality. Researchers have also found a link between reading books and longevity; reading keeps your brain active and promotes mental and emotional fitness.

Mentally, reading enhances brain function by improving vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking skills. The mental engagement required while reading contributes to increased focus and concentration, helping to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression.

The habit of reading is a powerful investment in one's overall well-being. The dual impact on physical and mental health, from reduced stress and improved sleep to enhanced brain function and emotional resilience, underscores the profound benefits of incorporating reading into our lives.

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