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"Serve With Those Who Serve"
Hello Michael,

We welcome in the New Year together focused on the following objectives for our Lord:

Conduct 2 Chaplains Courses

Conduct 4 PLI Leadership/Ethics Courses

Building our SMI Studio for Video Production

Start our Morality Matters Show

Attend 4 Conferences to promote our Programs

Begin Certified Christian Counseling Services

Host a Fall Serve Social Event in NW Florida

Please pray for our continued growth as we reach those for the Kingdom

Congratulations to Kevin Saunders

Promoted to Vice President of SMI

Served as Executive Director

Congratulations to Daniel Gilyeat

Promotes to Executive Director

Served as Director of Military Chaplains

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Latest Developments

We are so grateful for our partners at Pointman Leadership Institute who have extended substantial funding for SMI to build a Conference Booth and our SMI Production Studio. Both projects are well underway.

We also have media production in progress to enhance our Virtual Leadership and Ethics Course which will launch in April 2024

Registration will begin soon

Morality Matters

We are in the process of building an SMI Production Studio and begin a program called Morality Matters to provide reaction videos and new content to address social matters and providing a Christian perspective. We will primarily focus on issues that are most important for veterans and first responders nationally and around the world.

Content will be provided on YouTube, Rumble, and X (Formally Twitter). Construction ongoing and expected to be completed in Jan 2024.

SMI 2024 Conference Schedule

There are plenty of opportunities to serve next year as we will have a conference booth to promote our programs at military, religious, and law enforcement conferences:

ARC Conference  23-24 April 2024 Birmingham, AL

ICPC Conference 15-19 July 2024 Pittsburgh, PA

AUSA Conference 14-16 Oct 2024 Washington DC

IACP Conference 19-22 Oct 2024 Boston, MA

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