Volume 8, Issue 2 | February 2019
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Well, February may be a short month but it sure was packed! I was away for two weekends, one in Sedona (my once hometown community) and the other at WordCamp Phoenix; I attended quite a number of business networking groups; and, I spent a lot of time in marketing efforts. All of the aforementioned were time well spent and enriched my life.

But at least as rich and valuable, was increasing my time reading spiritual literature, the amount which had declined and which my soul had been missing. I can report without doubt or hesitation that such use of my time offers more immediate results in enriching my life than most other activities. It brings me peace, joy, and connection. Along with my Naam Yoga sound meditation and practice, my soul and I made it through a month of stormy weather, both externally and internally.

It is comforting to know that despite what is going on, there are tools and practices I can use to uplift my spirit and have the light shine even when skies appear gray.


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inspireInspiration and Contemplation
Getting the Message

"Every happening, great and small, is a parable whereby God
speaks to us, and the art of life is to get the message."
- Malcolm Muggeridge

Thomas Malcolm Muggeridge (1903 - 1990) was an English journalist and satirist. As a young man, Muggeridge was attracted to communism but he became a forceful anti-communist after travelling to the Soviet Union. During the Second World War he worked for the British government as a soldier and a spy. He converted to Christianity and helped bring Mother Teresa to popular attention in the West.

3 Point Spiritual Litmus Test 

I subscribe to the daily TUT (The Universe Talks) messages. The concepts in the one I received February 20th I'd awakened to years ago; still it was heartwarming to see such a perspective stated in an email, one which has a very large subscriber list. I thought I'd share the message with you as perhaps you've not yet thought of religious or spiritual doctrine in this way...

At long last, a 3 Point Spiritual Litmus Test to see
whether or not  any old religious doctrine or 
modern day "ism" is worthy of celebration:

1. Does it speak of life's beauty? Or,
2. Does it speak of our power? And,
3. Does it include everyone, everywhere, no matter what?


-- The Universe
peoplePeople Making a Difference
Homeless Homes
Gregory Kloehn builds miniature houses for homeless people in Oakland, California. His experiences have given him a different perspective on people living on the street, including seeing their ingenuity in creating their own shelter and their appreciation for what they have as contrasted with folks who possess so much more yet complain.

A Big-Hearted Man and His Calling to Build Tiny Houses for Oakland's Homeless
A Big-Hearted Man and His Calling to Build Tiny Houses for Oakland's Homeless
General Computer Use/Technology
Eliminating Extra Paragraph Returns in Word
Have you ever copied and pasted something into Word, only to discover it inserts paragraph returns in odd places?  This commonly happens when you copy and paste text from an email into Word, or from a Web page into Word. 

If you have a lot of text facing this problem, try the QQQ Trick.  
  1. Press CTRL+H (Find and Replace), search for ^p^p and replace with QQQ then search for ^p and replace with nothing.  
  2. Search for QQQ and replace with ^p^p and voila, you have reflowable text again.  
This trick has other uses with other variations.  Essentially, you're using a wildcard - QQQ - as a temporary placeholder for something.  QQQ  was chosen because the letters are unlikely to ever appear in natural language.

emailEmail Marketing
Email Marketing is Not Dead in 2019!
"... if you think email is dead, you're missing out on the real metrics. The truth? Email marketing is still going strong today, and is possibly the best possible strategy for your business." -  Neil Patel, New York Times Bestselling author.

The Wall Street Journal calls Patel a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies. Hence, I think his words are not to be taken lightly.

With all the updates, new technologies, and trends one might think that email is long past its prime. But it's not.

Based on 2018 data, email marketing is still ranked as the most effective marketing channel, beating out social media, SEO, and affiliate marketing.

Why is that? With all the hype over new channels, why is decades-old technology still one of the most effective marketing strategies?

60-Day Free Trial of Constant Contact
Use your trial to upload contacts, send email campaigns, and explore the different Plus Campaigns.
  • No credit card required to be entered!
  • 60 days to explore all the campaign types and features that Constant Contact has to offer.
  • Create as many campaigns as you want.
  • Try out all the different campaign types available - there's more than just email!
And, keep in mind that anything that you create during the trial will be available when you become a customer!

Sign up for your free 60-day Constant Contact trial using the link below
Websites and Coffee header

WordPress Gutenberg Editor
I attended WordCamp Phoenix 2019 earlier this month, and as expected, it was beneficial. This year was its 10-year reunion, and the multi-day tech conference was open to all, beginners through experts. It covered WordPress design, development, marketing, e-commerce, and business.

One of the talks I attended helped me gain a better appreciation and understanding of the new Gutenberg editor, a big, and controversial change when it went live with the December 2018 WordPress update. Here's just a few comments and ideas.

First, I get that the classic WordPress editor was archaic and cumbersome, and a change was needed in order to move WordPress forward.

An Improved Content Creation Process
The idea behind the Gutenberg editor, named after printing press inventor  Johannes Gutenberg, is to provide a user-friendly manner for creating content that more closely resembles how a page or post will look on the front end of the site. The result for site owners is...

March 2019 Schedule of Websites and Coffee WordPress workshops
These workshops are hands-on: you will actually work in a real, live website and personally experience working with self-hosted WordPress. Space is limited to just 4 participants so that you can receive the attention you deserve. 

"Intro to WordPress: First Steps"
$ 49-

March  06, 2019 | Wed | 6:30 - 8:30 PM

March  11, 2019 | Mon | 6:30 - 8:30 PM

"Intro to WordPress: Going Deeper (Part II)"
$ 49-

March 27, 2019 | Wed | 6:30 - 8:30 PM

Workshops take place in Gilbert, AZ
(Val Vista Dr near Baseline Rd)

To learn more and/or to register , please visit the  Websites and Coffee website, or call me @ 928.301.7292.
With all the rain/snow the earth received here in Arizona this past month, I'm looking forward to seeing a lot more wildflowers in my travels in the months ahead. And, yes, spring will be here soon!

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