March Developments
Yachad in partnership with Children's National Hospital conducted over 100 virtual home visits in 2021
2021 Highlights by the Numbers
Yachad provided housing remediation services that improved the living conditions for 489 people, including 294 children, despite the uncertainties and ongoing challenges Covid-19 presented last year.

Our Single Family Healthy Home Remediation Program provided 16 households in the District with comprehensive critical repairs leading to dry, safe, healthier homes, benefiting 50 people, including 17 children.

We also conducted over 100 virtual home inspections of 78 rental units and 27 homes, as part of our Asthma Home Visiting Program in partnership with Children’s National Hospital and funded in part by Fannie Mae Sustainable Communities Initiative.
New Year--Strong Start with Old and New Partners
In January Yachad partnered with YouthBuild to replace a rotting, unsafe rear porch system with a new deck, creating a safer space for the White family in Southeast DC. YouthBuild is a nonprofit that provides young adults with construction training while also earning a GED. Last year Yachad replaced the family’s roof and addressed critical electrical problems by upgrading the old electrical panel and replacing hazardous outlets. YouthBuild is continuing to do work with us this spring.

porch repair collage
photo credit: Ray Alvareztorres
Yachad's work continues as we welcome new families into our 2022 Single Family Healthy Home Remediation Program. Over the next few months these District families, primarily located in Wards 7 and 8, will receive urgent home remediation assistance to repair aging roofs, update electrical systems, repair plumbing, address pest infestation and damaged drywall and flooring.
Yachad Welcomes a New Partner: CAAB
The new year also brings a new partnership with Capital Area Asset Builders (CAAB), a DC nonprofit that helps lower income families create Individual Savings Accounts for under-banked individuals. Their mission is to ensure low- and moderate-income Black and Brown families in the Washington, DC region have access to resources and tools so that all have an opportunity to achieve financial stability and long-term asset building and prosperity.

CAAB, in partnership with Yachad, will provide a 4:1 match to provide major home repairs to 10 single family homes—Yachad will provide up to $1,500 per home and CAAB will match those funds with $6,000. To date, Yachad's Board of Directors has raised $15,000 to be matched by CAAB. We hope to grow this partnership to be able to serve many more DC families.

Together with CAAB we will address costly repairs and keep families healthy and thriving.
Homeowner Spotlight:
Yachad fixed things I didn’t even know needed doing. Having things fixed means there’s less to worry about. – Ms. Handon

Bonnie Handon inherited her aunt’s 1957 home located in Southeast DC and lives there with her 12-year-old grandson. Ms. Handon grew up down the street from it and has many wonderful memories tied to it. The home was a special place for her close-knit family and held many backyard barbecues and family weddings over the years.

At 57 years old, Ms. Handon plans to remain in her home and wants to keep it in good shape for her and her grandson. After all, “who can afford anything else in DC these days.” Besides being affordable, the home is near public transportation, and there is a bedroom on the first floor, making aging in place easier.

Over time the home has needed more and more repairs, which Ms. Handon, now retired from working at Saint Elizabeth's Hospital, struggles to afford. The cost of fixing the leaking roof, plumbing issues, and broken kitchen appliance have been beyond her means. Yachad fixed the broken toilets in all three bathrooms, repaired the sink and bathtub leaks, plus provided a new dishwasher courtesy of M & M Appliance.

Yachad also advised Ms. Handon on the District’s weatherization program and provided application assistance so she could get a much-needed new hot water tank and more.
Ms. Handon is relieved to receive home remediation assistance and appreciates Yachad’s timely help. “It matters for low-income seniors like me,” says Ms. Handon.
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