Property Owners' Association of Deep Creek Lake
Welcome to the POA!
May 25, 2018

Dear New POA Member:
My name is Bob Hoffmann and I am the president of the Property Owners' Association of Deep Creek Lake (POA).
I congratulate you on your lake home purchase and welcome you to this beautiful resort area, hoping as we approach the summer season you will enjoy and avail yourself to all it has to offer.   I also want to thank you for accepting our one year free membership in the POA and would like to take this opportunity to let you know what you can expect as a member during the upcoming months.
First, the POA will hold 2 General Membership meetings this summer, one on Saturday June 16th  and one on Saturday August 18th.  Both will be held at the Garrett 8 Cinemas located on Rte. 219.  Breakfast beverages and snacks are offered at 8am and the meeting begins promptly at 8:30am. Arriving there in time for the breakfast not only provides you with good refreshments but also provides you the opportunity to meet and network with fellow members.  You are also invited to attend our board meetings as a guest.  See our website for dates and times: 
At the meetings we usually have reports from our State Senator Paul Edwards and our State Delegate Wendell Beitzel, our County Commissioners, and local agencies such as Department of Natural Resources, DNR Lake Management, etc.   The meeting is usually adjourned by 10:30am.
You will also receive from the POA timely emails and eBlasts throughout the year.  As I write this our newsletter the "Dispatch", Spring edition, is being finalized.  You will receive this newsletter each season.  The Spring, Summer, and Fall editions are sent to you via email.  The winter edition which contains our Annual Dues statement is mailed to your home address.  Also, you can expect from us as warranted eBlasts.  These are especially helpful notifications to home owners who are not fulltime lake residents.
Sometime late summer or in the fall you will be receiving from us an email soliciting your thoughts on your trial membership as well as any comments, ideas, or suggestions you have about our organization and its activities.
We look forward to your continued membership in this great organization.

Cheers, Bob

Bob Hoffmann
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