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Say YES to Success in 2017 
November 2016

Kathy Puziak PMP CMPE

  Can YOU say YES to Success in 2017?
by Kathy Puziak CMPE PMP

With the Holidays about to begin, and the New Year just around the corner, we offer you this quick "self-examination" checklist to determine how well you're doing in your planning for 2017:

  1. Does your organization use GE CentricityTM Group Management (also known as IDX/GPMS/Groupcast)?
  2. Are you using it to optimize your revenue cycle?
  3. Are your people trained on all the labor-saving features of the system?
  4. Do you use all the features you paid for, or do you consume resources unnecessarily on manual tasks?
  5. Has implementation of the 2017 Revenue Cycle Management Plan started?
  6. Can you communicate a board-approved cost improvement program for 2017, to employees at all levels, that will guarantee an impressive ROI?
  7. Do you have a plan to break down large volumes of data into digestible, value-adding tools for your providers, to better manage your practice?
  8. Are you ready to gather the metrics required for MACRA in 2017 to meet MIPS in 2019?
  9. Do you have an industry expert just a phone call away to help with GE CentricityTM Group Management (IDX/GPMS/Groupcast) challenges and issues?

A single NO answer qualifies you for a FREE chat with  
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