Revenue Cycle Management

KPG Newsletter
May 2016

Kathy Puziak PMP CMPE

GE Centricity LIVE 2016  


Phoenix, AZ    

May 17-20, 2016

KPG Revenue Cycle Management, Inc and their newest spinoff RCM ToGo will be at GE Centricity LIVE 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona from May 17 thru 20, 2016. Many of you have heard KPG Revenue Cycle Management, Inc President Kathy Puziak speak at previous conferences and know her sessions are always popular. This year Kathy will be presenting a session on "Moving Through Group Management at the Speed of Light".  In this session Kathy will help you find the "Easy Button" for your organization.  Specifically, she will help you identify and locate special programs, immediately available, that will benefit your practice. Don't miss this session, scheduled for Thursday, May 19 at 2:40 PM.

This year Kathy is also co-presenting with her Director of Business Intelligence, Stephen Stoyko, on the topic of optimizing your training strategy.  Together they will lead you through a discussion on the merits of process mapping to identify your process steps, gaps, deficiencies and training needs. 

Plan to join Kathy and Stephen on Friday, May 20 at 11:00 AM at C LIVE for " Optimizing Your Training Strategy Through the Use of Process Maps".

Additionally, Kathy will be moderating a session on "Automation in the Revenue Cycle" with a fascinating group of your peers. You can learn more by attending this session on Thursday, May 19 at 9:30 AM.

We look forward to seeing you at GE Centricity LIVE 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona. Follow the link to the detailed agenda
What 3 things from Centricity LIVE 2016 will you add to your personal tool kit & share with your colleagues?

RCM ToGo Offers Personalized
Hosting Solutions
by Kathy Puziak CMPE PMP  

Last year, in our March 2015 Newsletter, we wrote about how KPG RCM was actively seeking alternatives to help you continue to grow in your knowledge and use of Centricity Group Management© as you face an environment that no longer includes Account Managers to assist your daily efforts.  
We are pleased to announce that as of April 1, 2016, RCM ToGo, LLC, is open for business. RCM ToGo is a solutions-oriented organization designed to help you build the environment that works for you. RCM ToGo offers your practice:
  • HIPAA-compliant hosting services for Group Management
  • Support Analyzer and MS SQL reporting services
  • Support for conversions and interfaces
  • Tailored solutions to meet your needs
  • An expert staff with in-depth technical knowledge
Dave Smeltzer has been appointed as Vice President, RCM ToGo, LLC. Dave's technical and product expertise, coupled with his tremendous relationship with GE Healthcare, have made this a successful launch. Under his operational leadership and guidance, the company is available to serve Group Management clients in search of a hosting environment.  
He brings over 22 years of experience in practice management and revenue cycle consulting to RCM ToGo. Prior to becoming an Associate at KPG RCM, he was a Billing System Specialist at Somnia, Inc, a large multi-state provider of anesthesia services, where he was in charge of maintaining the Centricity Group Management© database.  Dave worked as a Project Manager and Implementation Consultant for Group Management and Centricity Practice Solutions, both products of GE Healthcare Information Technology.                                                  
At IDX Systems Corporation, Dave was a Project Manager of Implementations for the Groupcast business unit, and an EDI claims engineer.  Prior to joining IDX, Dave held a technical support position for Medical Data Systems.
Contact Dave at (630) 391-4778 or to discuss your specific hosting requirements. The RCM ToGo team looks forward to serving you.

  Getting the Most out of Conferences
by M. George Puziak PMP

As a CEO, I look at conferences differently than many of those who attend. For me, the bottom line is ensuring a return on the investment of my resources, both human and financial. Prior to committing either people or budget  to attendance at a conference, I review several things, starting with the Conference Host; their competency and name recognition in the industry/field; the detailed agenda of presentations, panel discussions and sessions; and, working with company senior leadership, we develop our objectives for a given conference. We then make an assessment on who will be attending, from the perspective of presenters, resources, current and prospective clients.
For KPG Revenue Cycle Management and RCM ToGo, the pre-conference process looks something like this:
ACTION: GE announced the dates and location for Centricity LIVE 2016.
KPG RCM RESPONSE: Our president, Kathy Puziak, appointed our Director of Business Intelligence, Stephen Stoyko, to find the "particulars", as mentioned above. A list of objectives was then developed; associates identified how best to meet those objectives and detailed planning began.
Attendees reviewed the published agenda to identify those sessions they wished to attend. Once the input was consolidated, Stephen hosted a meeting of attendees to ensure all ideas, voices and concerns were adequately addressed. Desires were bounced against organizational goals for the conference and detailed plans were made. Presenting at major conferences is a "win", allowing the company to support conference organizers while also demonstrating the capabilities and expertise of the company and our associates. 
A master hour-by-hour calendar was prepared; it was agreed that everyone would keep notes at every session attended and, during informal company sessions at the end of each day, observations and takeaways would be discussed and noted for a brief post-conference review.
Using a similar process, Stephen then incorporated desired face-to-face meetings into the overall conference detailed schedule, to maximize the business to be conducted on-site at the conference. Conferences provide a rare opportunity to interface with national companies, current and prospective clients. Hope to see you there.