We hope to make this engaging for everyone involved, and that it will lead to ample reflection on how we can all do better in addressing racial equity both at work, and in our personal lives.

Considering the length of the 21-Day Equity invitation as well as the reading to come, we will be trying to keep things short going forward!

The 21-Day Equity Challenge starts today!

For this challenge, we have elected to divide content around the different levels of racism that are found within society today. Before delving into those levels, we elected to begin with a section on terminology that will be pertinent throughout the challenge to ensure that everyone has a grounded understanding of the same key terms.

Following this, we’ll begin the challenge with a look at our internal biases, and slowly work our way up to how racism impacts us on a structural level. This structure is meant to illuminate the different levels in which racism is manifested and the impact that each level has on individuals and society. The challenge will conclude with resources focused on how to address biases around us, as well as additional content for continued learning beyond this challenge.

Overall, content for the challenge breaks down into several sections including Internalized Racism, Interpersonal Racism, Institutional Racism, and Structural Racism.
As far as general presentation goes, all content will be presented in this e-newsletter every weekday. We’ll first provide an overview of what will be covered for the day and why it is significant. Following this, we’ll divide the content by resource type (quote, definition, article, video and/or podcast).
Good news, there aren’t many!

At this point there isn’t much left to do before the challenge. If anything, we’d recommend brainstorming a bit beforehand and asking yourself when you’ll set aside the time to complete the challenge each day. Here we want to remind you that the challenge is meant for everyone to dedicate at least 5 minutes to it each day.

We have just two other action items. First, there is the Implicit Bias Test. This is a test we encourage you take as a kick-off to the challenge.

Second, we recommend reading Seeing and Naming Racism in Nonprofit and Public Organizations, to give you a deeper understanding of why we are doing this challenge.
For any questions about the challenge please reach out to Denise Nava of the Albuquerque Community Foundation or Hannah Royer of United Way of Central New Mexico.
If after reading this newsletter you felt that there are other co-workers, friends or family members you feel may benefit from the challenge, feel free to send them the link to sign up for the challenge found below!