Dear Friend,

I hope that you and all your loved ones are in good health during this troubled time of uncertainty.

Without a doubt 2020 will go into history as a year that redefined the normality of how we live, interact and carry on as a society. The Boys & Girls Club of Baja California Sur as a full-time operating Club has gradually adapted to the constant changes in order to face the challenging effects of COVID-19. Staff and the Board of Directors, together, have conveyed the importance of best practices of prevention ensuring a safe environment for everyone.  

Since the closure of schools, the best opportunity to impact our youth in Los Cabos, though, is now in virtual Clubhouse programming. Starting just a day after the Ministry of Education announced the closing of schools back in March, our Club since then has promptly redesigned programs, transitioning from face-to-face to online activities satisfying health and safety guidelines set by the Ministry of Health. From English classes, reading and writing, human development, home gardening, and soon homework help and tutoring, BGCBCS has ensured that elementary, middle and high schoolers have access to complementary programs enabling them to express and share their personal emotional and psychological challenges, while reinforcing the much needed academic support through the local confinement. Thanks to these efforts, to date, we have connected with 151 youth virtually. 

The Boys & Girls Club of Baja California Sur's primary goal through this crisis is to provide a continuum of care for young people that keeps them connected to their support systems, brings routine and normalcy to their lives, and facilitates continued learning and advancement.  All of us at BGCBCS feel a strong sense of responsibility at this time. We are changed by effectively executing on our mission through the heart of this crisis, and ensuring that we are prepared to lead throughout the post-crisis response. Additionally, thanks to the efforts of the Community Alliance of Baja California Sur, 600 food baskets were distributed to our youth, through June to October.  

While BGCBCS has successfully operated during the hardest months of this year, we know that financial challenges are ahead. The transition to online programming has allowed us to cut down on operating expenses. We also know that we have to make an aggressive push on fundraising. While we have discarded plans for any events, we are instead working to launch an online fundraising campaign to raise all needed funds; to operate in 2021, prior to the end of the year. There is confidence that with your support, together, we will be able to better serve and provide a greater future to the vulnerable youth of our community. 

We have absolutely no doubt that the Club will not only prevail through this crisis, but emerge stronger and more resilient. Be safe. Be kind. Be grateful. Be generous. Be optimistic. Be a good friend. Be a good neighbor.

Warm regards,

Isaac García
Executive Director
Do something amazing today!

Our new iWRITE program, developed by iWRITE Literacy Organization in Houston, Texas, focuses on strengthening creativity, confidence and self-esteem of our children and youth through writing. It is currently being taught as an online pilot program in three Clubs throughout Mexico: Baja California Sur, Mexico City and Hidalgo.

Our youth are thrilled with the adventures created next to the program's mascot, "i" The Guy! We have 20 children enrolled in Los Cabos from 8 to 13 years old. Since their enrollment, the program has been a huge success.

On October 20th, our youth had the opportunity to participate in a meet and greet with Phuong Ha, iWrite Program Manager from Texas, and Ryan Shaw, Illustrator of "i" The Guy.

They enjoyed a Q&A and had a live drawing session! With Halloween just around the corner, Ryan guided them how to draw a Frankenstein from scratch.

We had a lot of fun! Click here to view the Zoom recording.

In commemoration of Mexico's Independence Day during the month of September, we invited our members to draw a Mexican version of "i" The Guy.

As a way to recognize their efforts we created a contest and invited the public to vote on their favorite.

Meet Dalia, our contest winner! Click here to view all the drawings.

Ryan Shaw, the official illustrator of "i" The Guy, chose his favorite and recreated it digitally for Yahel.

In our online English program: "Conversational Basics", our members are speaking, listening, reading and writing in English. We applaud their efforts, and we are very proud to share their great progress!

We currently have three groups, ages 12 to 16, participating three times a week.

We invite you to listen to Ian, Valeria, Alik and Denisse tell us a little about themselves in English by clicking here.

In October, we expanded the scope of our English program to serve parents wanting to learn English. We are excited that 22 moms signed up and have rapidly become more confident in speaking English.

We are confident it will be of great benefit to them, and help them improve their opportunities of finding better job offers.

The YouthBiz program, developed by Young Americans Center for Financial Education in Denver, Colorado, seeks for young people to become entrepreneurial leaders.

We just started a new online edition of this program with 30 youth, between ages 10 to 15.

In order to complement this program, our team put together a number of live keynotes, available through our Facebook page. This was a great opportunity for our youth to listen to great speakers from Mexico, Costa Rica, and the USA, and
a great way to encourage them into career opportunities. We are also thrilled to collaborate on this great project with companies of two renowned Mexican businessmen and celebrities of Shark Tank Mexico: Startup Mexico and Genomma Lab.

Marcus Dantus, founder/CEO of Startup Mexico, and celebrity of Shark Tank Mexico, sent a video with a great message to our future YouthBiz entrepreneurs!
"Remember that to become an entrepreneur the most important thing is to not be afraid of the results. Especially don't be afraid of failure. Failure is a part of success, it is a necessary step."

We invite you to follow the event to learn more about our guest speakers.

Our Agents Of Change program, part of the Human Development programmes, seeks to guide children and young people towards the development of social change.

Our 2020/21 edition began in October, which will aid in bringing back routine and normalcy to their day-to-day. Agents of Change has been a successful program since the beginning and we are committed to continue motivating the youth of Los Cabos in making positive change in their community.

Special thanks to the BCS Community Alliance, for doing such an amazing job in aiding those most in need and for allocating 600 food baskets in support of our children and their families during these difficult times! Thank You!
Do something amazing today!
Your donation in this difficult time is much appreciated.