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July 2022
Men's Health Outside the Gym
Why is Men’s Mental Health everyone’s responsibility?
We love the men in our lives and want them to be the best versions of themselves. But thanks to generations growing up with toxic masculinity, suicide is the 7th leading cause of death for men - nearly 4 times as many men die from suicide than women. Approximately 1 in 5 men develop alcohol dependency during their lives. Men's mental health issues don't just exist, they persist—which is why awareness is so important!

Let’s do all we can to support the men we love!
Men and women display feelings of sadness, depression, and mental illness quite differently. Men are more prone to irritability, sudden anger, loss of control, aggression, increased or sudden use of alcohol or drugs, and escapist behavior (throwing themselves into work.) Show the men in your life some grace. If someone is suddenly acting like a giant butthead, ask yourself why… what is the bigger picture, what is really going on?
Men’s mental health should no longer be a taboo subject. Talk about it with your family over dinner, with your friends at a bbq, with your colleagues at the water cooler or on the Squash court. Men’s health should be as mainstream as breast health, car oil changes, MLB trades and NFL scores. The more frequently we talk about men’s mental health, the faster we break down the stigma.
Being honest with yourself and owning your feelings are the first steps. Engage in healthy practices: continue to exercise but slow it down (powerlifting and boxing do not need to be a part of every workout). Go for a walk (without your phone). Add meditation and mindfulness like journaling and yoga to your routine. Practice deep breathing techniques which will lower your blood pressure and relieve stress. Please talk with someone you trust - a loved one or close friend.
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Meditation for overall health.
There are many benefits that come with meditation - especially for men. This ancient practice can help reduce stress, lower cortisol levels, increase positive emotion, reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality and keep testosterone levels healthy. Rush offers Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and the men in your life should try it today!
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Communicating through art.
The men in your life may have a challenging time verbalizing their feelings and emotions, needs and desires. Art therapy has proven beneficial to men as they learn to express themselves using nontraditional more creative techniques. In Riveredge Hospital’s adult art therapy classes, men are invited to express feelings verbally and nonverbally, and expand their understanding of being human. Learning to communicate through various media can reduce stress, manage symptoms, increase self-esteem, and enhance interpersonal relationships.

Optimizing Health Wealth and Performance

Exercise helps with more than just physical health.
Exercise has proven benefits for improving not only physical health, but mental health too. For starters, active people are nearly 45% less likely to have depressive symptoms than inactive people. But a deeper look at the connections between exercise and mental health raises complicated questions:
  • How do factors such as frequency, duration and intensity of exercise relate to mental health?
  • Are all types of exercise equally effective and beneficial for mental health?
  • At what point does exercise become harmful to mental health?
Recent research by Chekroud et al. (2018) sheds new light on these questions. 
Exercise sessions lasting between 30 and 60 minutes correlated with the fewest mental health burdens—45 minutes produced the best effect consistently across all exercise types. Based on 2 to 4 exercise sessions per week. Sessions longer than 90 minutes proved less effective. Indeed, exercising for more than 3 hours per session was associated with greater mental health burdens than not exercising at all. 
To find out more about how you can optimize your health and exercise plan safely, meet with our staff at B-Health. We incorporate health coaching and specialized manual based physical therapy. Our Physical Therapists focus on mechanically restoring joint movement in order to retrain your body’s movement patterns using specific activation exercises to maximize automatic reinforcement. This retraining process involves activating the correct muscles at the correct time in a sequence so that your body works automatically.

To set up a complimentary 45-minute session with our Health Coach and/or Doctors of Physical Therapy please click on our complimentary consult form.
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Staying connected with others.
Research has shown that adults 60 years and older who reported feeling lonely had a 59 percent greater risk of mental and physical decline than their more social counterparts. Regular socialization habits are key to a happier, healthier senior life. Consider relocating to American House. They offer independent living, memory care, assisted living, respite and hospice care. You’ll make new friends, plant a garden, join an exercise class and volunteer at a local charity. All of these activities have been proven to maintain a positive mindset and your overall mental wellness.
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Male caregivers are becoming more and more common as adults find themselves simultaneously caring for their young children and their aging parents - sometimes under the same roof. Consider these eight tips and resources to help lessen the load.
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Wellness isn't just about nutrition!
We all need some guidance to reach sustainable wellness for our lifetime. Good nutrition is one important component to sustainable wellness. Others include the emotional, occupational, physical, social, intellectual and spiritual components of our life. Call us today to create your holistic plan to find true wellness in your life.
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Stretching for health
Relaxation is key to optimal mental and physical health. Massage therapy, essential oils, yoga, and breath work are examples of treatments Kneaded Work can provide to the men in our lives to reach their health goals.
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