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I’m feeling antsy. Aren’t we all? I work for the Goodnow Library Foundation because I believe in Goodnow and the positive impact it has on our local community. I like to spend time in the Library and I really like spending time with others. But, like all of you, I’m home. To lift me up, I’ve been finding ways to recognize, appreciate, and celebrate the little things as well as the big things that make me smile. Today, I’m happy because we have had a few days in a row of sunshine and temperatures in the 60s. Over the weekend, I “checked in” at Goodnow and look what I found: Flowers, beautiful blooming flowers of all colors, soaking up the sunshine and reminding me that spring is finally here! I’d like to think that these flowers miss us too and can’t wait until the Library opens again.
As always, I am grateful for Goodnow and I am grateful for YOU, our Library community. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Here’s a reason to celebrate! Did you see the article in the Town Crier or our social media posts about “Goodnow Reads for a Good Cause”? Last month, the GLF was thrilled to partner with the Library in order to raise funds to support HOPEsudbury’s efforts to help local residents during the coronavirus crisis. Our goal was for our community to collectively read 30,000 minutes to raise $1,500 for HOPEsudbury.

You know one of the reasons we #LoveSud? You – our community – met this goal well before the deadline of May 31!

Here’s what Samantha Bower, President of HOPEsudbury’s Board,
wrote to the GLF:
"Goodnow Reads for a Good Cause!" embodies the collaborative and compassionate spirit of our community. Thank you for using something fun reading as a mechanism for helping others.
Remember: Even though the Library building is closed, Goodnow's staff is working hard providing resources and answering your questions.

Three cheers to the children's staff for continuing some programming via Facebook! {Check out the screenshot below of "Ms. Amy" working her music magic for our littlest patrons via Facebook Live!}
In addition to programming being created by Goodnow's own staff, the Library announced in April that it had partnered with Creativebug to offer online crafting/maker classes. (Think of it as bringing the NOW Lab into your own home!) Click HERE for more information.
To stay up-to-date with programming changes as well as other services that Goodnow Library offers, please make sure you're subscribed to one or all of the Library's email newsletters. (You can tailor your preferences.) Simply click HERE . Not sure what digital resources your Library card enables you to access? (Hint: It's a lot!) Click HERE for more information.
The Goodnow Library Foundation would love to hear from you! How are you continuing to engage with the Library? Why do you love Goodnow? How is Goodnow valuable to Sudbury and the idea of "community"?

We'd love it if you'd share your thoughts with us by emailing or posting to your Facebook or Instagram accounts using the hashtag #LibrariesAreCommunity ... make sure to tag us! (@GoodnowLibraryFoundation)

Come on now...don't be shy! Here's what patron Colleen Gleason-Epple wrote on the GLF Facebook page:
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