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Luminous Baby TM
Luminous Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond TM
Love-Sourced Mothering TM

My luminousbaby.love services and offerings have three distinct service and educational areas to support you.

Each is unique and each can be the primary focus of my supporting you.

You may also choose to combine any of them to create your own customized program. It's exciting!
Luminous Baby TM
Mentoring, Education and Consultation Services

Luminous Baby TM is based on decades of PPN-oriented clinical experience that gives us an expanded multidimensional holistic understandings of babies, our earliest experiences, and their implications for life-long patterns. I've had over 30 years of clinical experience working with babies, children, families, and adults. Arising from these experiences is a new lens to view early development and it evolves our theories, models, and recommendations for professionals and families. Luminous Baby TM is the core educational foundation area of my services and is for both families and professionals who want to learn and benefit from this holistic holographic multidimensional lens.

Luminous Baby TM customized presentations, webinars, workshops, and ongoing group study groups are available. This information transforms our notions about early human development, early relationships, and how we support families, babies, children, teens, and adults. It's situated in the new multidimensional consciousness paradigm, and focuses on all aspects of human experience: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and higher dimensions as well. I teach Luminous Baby TM foundations and the corresponding innovative approaches to work with families.

I love to customize the material to best meet the needs of your group. Many professions are a part of the whole that support families. Whether you are a childbirth educator, physician, energy worker, psychotherapist, or a home-health nurse, this information will transform and expand the positive influence you can have in your work with families.

Luminous Baby TM customized personal consultations are available to families having their babies and the early years . I support families by sharing key findings and understandings through the Luminous Baby TM lens and mentoring them in the integration of the Luminous Baby TM approaches and ways of being together as a family.

Luminous Baby TM customized personal consultations are available to professionals who support families during the childbearing and early years. These sessions can be focused on your own early live experiences and transforming unresolved material. The sessions can also be consultations on how you can bring more of Luminous Baby TM understandings and approaches into your practice and work setting.

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Luminous Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond TM
Mentoring, Education and Consultation Services

Luminous Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond TM focuses on my unique multidimensional approach to support mothers, babies, and the families during this primary developmental period through this new lens and the approaches and practices that I have created.

The most unique aspect of my approach is that we communicate directly with the baby and include them in the session pre-conception forward. In this approach, we include the baby in all our processes and discussions.

A core intention is to build the relationship and communication of mother-baby from the beginning of life.

The Luminous Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond TM approach includes:
  • In-depth multigenerational PPN-oriented history, current life patterns, personal goals and intention for our work together.
  • First session discussion of the callings - what really matters to the parents and what they most want my help with. We prioritize.
  • We work to resolve and clear the parent's early unresolved grief, trauma, unmet needs, and to re-establish greater wholeness and unencumbered presence now. Mindfulness, heart math, meditation, and energy clearings to support.
  • We look through the new PPN and LB lens at creating a prenatal life that helps baby and mom feel safe, nurtured, restful, loved, and happy. Life-mentoring.
  • We prepare for birth and bonding and using the unique Luminous Pregnancy, Birth and BeyondTM approach that includes mother and baby communicating and preparing together for their upcoming event.
  • We meet after the birth to integrate the experience for mother-baby-father (partner) and teach the unique Being with Babies skills that are an integral part of the Luminous Pregnancy, Birth and BeyondTM approach. And we explore from there.

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Loved-Sourced Mothering TM
Mentoring, Education and Consultation Services

I have been supporting mothers for over 40 years. First as a labor and delivery nurse, childbirth educator and psychotherapist. I then transitioned into the multidimensional lens with my discovery of prenatal and perinatal psychology and evolutionary spirituality. I trained in trauma resolution, Gestalt therapy, craniosacral therapy, energy psychology and energy medicine, and intuitive transpersonal communication and healing. I've developed my unique multidimensional approach to supporting mothers.

I love supporting mothers and I find so often that they just haven't gotten the support they really wanted or needed. I think mothers and mothering is sacred. It is a sacred path of creating life, making that commitment to be that person's guide, teacher, nurturer and full-time caregiver. It is a path of the heart - sourced in LOVE. Your own personal heart love, but also, mothering is one of the most powerful ways to tap into the divine universal feminine LOVE - Love that is SOURCED in Divine Love. Mothering can be a path of self-empowerment, self-transformation, but even more than that, it can be a path of self-actualization. Some will be called to go further, but mothering and motherhood can be an avenue of an evolutionary path towards spiritual awakening to the True Self.

When Mothers align their intentions, their desire, and focus on this path, their babies are given a profound gift of being in and on the journey with them.

When I work with mothers and babies during pregnancy to support this path - the exalted and the day-to-day reality of living - that desire to awaken the evolutionary path, a tremendous intimacy and bond between them develops at a soul level. Each helping and gifting each other with the higher dimensional LOVE and being, for babies live in the spiritual realm as they gestate, they live in both realms and they open the door that helps mothers access more of their own transcendent self.

This is my passion -- to help babies stay as connected to their True Self as they embody, to imprint right at the beginning of life their mutlidimensional wholeness, and for mothers to be able to not only have a transformational pregnancy, but to transcend who she has been into more of her multidimensional wholeness. To become MORE together.

I have had the privilege of support hundreds of mothers and baby in this journey, yet in our current NEW WORLD energetics, we are able to explore new possibilities like never before!

Thus, I have developed a unique mentoring service for mothers who are ready to become more, to join the evolutional movement to becoming more of the Truer Self for themselves and for their babies.

This path is not for everyone, but for those searching for support for this path, this unique process and mentoring service is made for you!

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I may support you, your family, or your group:

Pathways to Family Wellness Magazine
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by Wendy Anne McCarty, PhD RN

Dawn of Hearts is a documentary exploring the function, meaning, and significance of the heart –both physical and metaphysical to be released in 2019.

The director, Benedikt Just, contacted me this year to learn more about prenatal and perinatal psychology, my work, and what we had learned about the heart and matters of the heart from our work with babies. The more we talked, the more he wanted to explore this new paradigm. Isn't that fabulous!

Benedikt and his cameraman Roko Belic, came to film me in Santa Barbara - what a fun new experience! I got to talk about what I love! I'm thrilled that what we have learned from babies and the PPN treasures will be woven into this significant document. I'll let you know the release date and premier information when the time comes. Stay tuned!

About Wendy

A leader in the holistic frontier to optimize spiritual human potential and relationships from the beginning of life forward.

Co-founder/core faculty, graduate degree programs in prenatal & perinatal psychology. Author,  Welcoming Consciousness  and 30+ publications.

Her innovative Luminous Baby TM, Luminous Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond TM and Love-Sourced Mothering TM services and offerings bring together prenatal and perinatal psychology, her pioneering consciousness-based early development model, energy psychology healing modalities, neurosciences, holographic theory, epigenetic, and evolutionary spirituality in a ground-breaking multidimensional lens and approach.

An international presenter, educator and consultant. Mentors professionals/organizations and families incorporating these leading-edge findings, principles and practices for all ages.