Welcome to the Lost City of Jizan - If You Dare

An Islamic Cultural & Adventure Theme Park Resort

On the Red Sea in Jizan and Aseer Provinces.

Traveling Star Heads to KSA with Epic Movie and

Lost City of Jizan Theme Park Design Concept

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has announced a $13 billion (SAR50 billion) strategy to develop the Aseer Region into a tourist destination, with plans to attract 10 million visitors by 2030. The development strategy under the theme of ‘The Arabian Highland’ aims to achieve a comprehensive, unprecedented and sustainable growth in the region.

The Aseer region is surrounded by Mecca Province to the north and Jizan Province to the south on the Red Sea. Aseer National Park was established in 1981 and extends from the Red Sea coast through the western foothills to the Aseer escarpment. Aseer National Park 

is at a 30-minute drive from Abha, which is a glorious tourist attraction in itself. Abha is a short flight from Riyadh.

It is the ideal site for the production of Lost City of Jizan Movie and Theme Park with the Farasan Islands, a short ferry ride from Jizan.

Traveling Star has been invited to Saudi Arabia and the Jizan Peninsula to meet with HRH Prince Turki bin Mohammed bin Nasser Bin Abdul-aziz to discuss the development of the movie and plans for the studio theme park resort.

The feature film The Lost City of Jizan will be an epic historical fiction drama. We have brought together some of the most talented film makers and theme park designers in the world to create the mystery and magic of Arabia. It is Lord of the Rings, Kingdom of Heaven, and Lawrence of Arabia combined.

For the past four years, Aztlan Development was working on a Studio Theme Park about the mighty Meso-American Empires entitled Return to Aztlan in Palm Springs. The project was being developed with Boxing Champion Mike Tyson. The project was put on hold due to the Pandemic.

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The Lion of Jizan - How the "Djinn of Jizan", a Mongolian Khan, and Templar Outcasts Save Saudi Arabia and the World of Islam

At the beginning of the 13th Century, the Golden Age of Islam was coming to an end. There was an ill wind of horror and malevolence blowing in the air. In 1221, Genghis Khan laid waste to the Islamic Khwarazmia Empire in a horrific manner and set his sights on Persia.

In this same period, there lived a young Arab Prince named USAMA (lion, predator, brave) who ruled a kingdom of Jizan. He was handsome, wise, and an astute trader. He guarded the trade routes of the Red Sea. To protect the routes and Pilgrams going to and from the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina, he hired a group of outcasts Templars (Knights of the Cross) who converted to Islam. They were schooled in the Art of Sacred Numbers and building, so they were instramental in designing and building the magnificent and magical Domed City of Jizan. Usama and the Templar Sauvage share each other's Art.

Usama had magical powers and instructed the Templars in his Art. In the Muslim world, he was known as a DJINN or JINN. He was a devout Muslim and was a force for good and benevolence. He could shift-shape, see into the future, consult with the spirit world, and alter the physical landscape around him. He was a guardian of the Red Sea and the Holy cities including Jizan. He protected his people with lionlike veracity and came to be known as the Lion of Jizan, and the legend spread so that no foreign intruder would set foot in his domain.

Jizan prospered beyond compare, and he rewarded his people accordingly. He built them a magical city which was a protective dome from the elements. It was a sustainable oasis overlooking the Red Sea.

However, life was about to change in Jizan. In 1258. Hulagu Khan sacked Bagdad and the House of Wisdom and set his sights on the Arabian Peninsula and the Red Sea. Islam Was Under Siege. The Lion of Jizan could see into to the future. He and his devotees began preparation for the horror, and atrocities that lay ahead.


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