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A Message from Kate
Hi Everyone,

It is my turn to say hello to the RTT community! I have been involved with Riding to the Top since 2012, as a volunteer to start and more recently an RTT instructor and Program Director. I have been involved with horses for over 50 years as a rider, instructor, owner and director of a large lesson program. Apart from my work at RTT, we currently own a 32-year old pony, Rascal, who has been part of our family for 20 years, and I lease a horse and ride as often as possible!

Over the last few months, I’ve been working part time at the farm and part time remotely. I've been helping with the many evolving needs of the program during these unprecedented times--horse care, our weekly newsletter and planning for re-opening. It has been a busy and instructive time but – like everyone else – I look forward to the day when we can see YOU back at the farm! We are all working hard on achieving that goal. In the meantime, please email me to let me know what kind of videos, photos, trainings, etc. you would like to see in our newsletter!

Kate (and Rascal!)
An update on RTT's phased re-opening plan can be found here .
No Friday Zoom this week - instead, Curbside at RTT!
We want to see you back at RTT, even if it's in a different way. This week we will be offering a "curbside option" to drive through the barnyard and see some familiar faces! Drive through TODAY, Wednesday 6/3, or Friday 6/5, from 2:45 to 3:45pm! Please note, visitors must stay in their cars! Please RSVP below to let us know you're coming!
Featured Horses of the Week... Orion!

Orion is a 28 year old, 15.1 hand Quarter Horse, who has been at RTT longer than any other horse on the property! He is a wizard with riders of all abilities and he is a pro on the long lines!
Orion shares his thoughts with you...

Hello, it’s me, Orion. I’ve been here at the farm since I was just 13 years old. I’ve been at RTT so long that I remember the days long before the indoor arena was built! I know who is on my back and how I need to take care of them, and sometimes challenge them. I try to help remind everyone to stay present and slow down (mostly literally, but also figuratively). When I’m not busy in lessons I love to find the sunniest part of my pasture to take a nap (standing or laying down!).

I also love my pasture mates, Luke and Lucky, so much that I can’t stand to be without them. I am grateful for the warmer weather, the big grass field, and I am hoping for a trip to the ocean this summer where I love to swim! While I do enjoy a good break every now and then, I’m missing all the people and will be happy when we can get back to riding.
Rider and Driver Exercises at Home
This week, Sarah shares some upper and lower body exercises. These can be done as isotonic (dynamic) exercises meaning you move your joints while your muscles contract, or as isometric (static) exercises meaning your muscles contract but your joints do not move.

All you need for these exercises are a wall and some weights - or canned goods!!
Learn at Home
More about the Quarter Horse! This breed originated in the 1600's when colonists began breeding English Thoroughbreds with the horses of Native Americans on the eastern seaboard.

The Quarter Horse is named for its ability to outrun any other breed of horse over short distances (a quarter mile or less). In fact, the Quarter Horse is tied for second as the fastest land animal after cheetahs! Their record speed is 55 mph! Their quickness, agility, natural cow-sense and good nature made them a favorite of cowboys in the west.

Today, Quarter Horses are the most popular breed in the US and are used widely in both western and english disciplines. Many of RTT's horses have been quarter horses - including our first ever horse - Tora!

Color Orion and his best Quarter Horse pal - Lucky!
Continuing Education for Volunteers
In this video, Marissa demonstrates the beginning of the proper sequence for grooming and discusses some key points in terms of why and how we groom our horses. It is a time when you can tune into they are feeling, strengthen your relationship and build trust with your horse!
Volunteer Corner
A Chat with Pat!

Pat is a riding, driving, schooling, and barn volunteer. She helps with everything from lessons, to feeding and exercising the horses. Pat has been steadfast part of our barn crew especially during the past several months. During the summer, when she's not at the farm, she can be found on her 38' sailboat "Paesan" (friend in Italian). She tells us a bit about her boat here.
Share what you've been up to during these extraordinary times. We'd love to share your favorite recipe, outdoor activity, or project with the rest of the team!
Stay Connected
Zoom with a Horse
We are having so much fun 'Zooming and Grooming' one on one with participants! Please use this  Google Form  to select a time to Zoom with us and your favorite horse.

Thank you for responding to our survey! Last week we had Zoom session on the topic of Mindfulness and Acupressure with horses ! Thank you to all those who joined us! Stay tuned for more offerings.

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