Meet our new administrator -- plus, Mexico training trip testimonies!
Welcome Erica Holstege, our new administrator! 
Erica Holstege with husband, Kyle.
We are excited to announce a new addition to the Pebbles and Stones team, administrator Erica Holstege.
Erica, who has a background in bookkeeping and non-profit administration, brings a wealth of experience to share with Pebbles and Stones as she steps into her new position as administrator.  

Her joyful outlook combined with amazing organizational skills are just what Pebbles and Stones needs as we continue to bring the generations together to experience God's love.  
Our current administrator, Sara Hoffman, is transitioning out of her role as our administrator to make time to home-school her youngest daughter.  Sara and her husband, Chad, continue to incorporate the Pebbles and Stones ministry model as a regular part of their children's program at Downtown Christian Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 
Keeping Pebbles and Stones Local
Potters House School implements Pebbles and Stones
"In February of 2016, two teachers from The Potter's House School, Jeanne Smith and Aubree Cantrall, piloted the Pebbles and Stones curriculum in their multi-age 4th/5th and 2nd/3rd classrooms.  With twenty-four and twenty-five kids, Smith and Cantrall wove Pebbles and Stones into their spiritual formation efforts.  They were seeking to blend the discipline of Scripture study with the discipline of prayer.  Integrating Pebbles and Stones once a week, they found that their students were quickly learning more about Scripture, prayer and their Lord.  Students were led to pray for each other and minister to those around them.  Forgiveness, reconciliation and truth were shared"  
"As a result, The Potter's House School is now planning to roll out the Pebbles and Stones curriculum into their weekly Family Worship gathering with kindergartners through fifth graders, as well as Anchor Worship with sixth through eighth graders.  Each week, a teacher facilitator will share the Scripture with the gathered group, students will spend time journaling, then a student from each grade level will share and receive prayer   Cantrall and Smith along with two other administrators familiar with the curriculum will facilitate the gatherings this fall while other teachers observe.  In 2017, the apprenticing teachers will look to facilitate for the second half of the school year." Dr. Antonio Tendero. Curriculum Director of Potter's House School in Grand Rapids, MI
During a staff meeting to introduce the adoption of Pebbles and Stones Aubree Cantrall said, "I saw incredible growth in my kids and loved how the curriculum is about a relationship with God."
And Jeanne said, "A student shared that she was having a difficult time   with the class.  After she shared, the group of girls who were in conflict with her came forward and prayed over her. It was amazing to see the restoration that happened as they prayed."  
Please contact us at or call at 1-800-676-0519 if you are interested incorporating Pebbles and stones in your schools and churches.
Testimonies from Merida, Yucatan Mexico
Kathleen teaching with  translator Debbie Legters.
Eighty leaders from eight regional churches attended our April training in Merida, Mexico.   
During the portion of the training that demonstrates the Pebbles and Stones model, many of the trainees were visibly touched by the Holy Spirit. Through her tears one leader said, "It is hard for me to believe that God took so much care in making me, me." 
"I felt quite humbled listening to the sharing of their intimate journal pages," Kathleen said.  It has been a privilege to be a part of the ministry of Mark and Altia Legters for 20 years. 

Thank you so much for praying as we traveled and taught. 
Attendees praying for one another during the training in Merida, Mexico.
Expanding the ministry through our partners in Asia

Since Kathleen and Dan ministered throughout Asia last fall, the ministry of Pebbles and Stones has been expanding through the initiative of our partners.
Taichung Baptist Church in Taiwan held it's own Pebbles and Stones training in April where more than twenty-five leaders were trained to use our unique story-telling model to reach their communities with the love of Jesus Christ.  Many thanks to Teresa Ko and her team for coordinating and leading the training in Taichung.  

In May, 133 leaders from over 45 churches were trained in two different cities in Laos.  During one of the trainings,  1200 story cards were given to the leaders.   Each card represents a child that will hear the gospel.     
Thank you phrase written on beach sand
We appreciate your prayers and financial generosity.   You continue to make  the ministry of Pebbles and Stones a reality throughout the United States and around the world. | 1-800-676-0519 | 
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