Muscle March
Let's get buff - It's time to get your 💪PUMP on. In Muscle March, we will be focusing on our overall strength.

Follow along each day using the workout plan below to help your journey to Reveal Your Champion. Every week there are new workout plans to follow. Just visit:
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Set Goals And Achieve Greatness
The Reveal Your Champion program provides workouts for all participants - but how do you know how much stronger, faster, flexible and mobile you are getting? By setting goals!

Each month we want you to set your goals and work towards achieving them.

Introduction to Athlete Leadership
This course goes over the importance of being an athlete rep on a council - providing your opinions, when to give it, how to get and give feedback + more!

Workshops will take place on Zoom. You will need a computer, tablet or phone with internet connection to participate.

NOTE: The spots have filled up fast! Next available is this coming Saturday for this round of workshops.

Wellness Wednesday
Wednesday, March 3 at 7:00 PM EST
Social Club With Rochelle and Chantel
Friday, March 5 at 2 PM EST
Join Chantel and Rochelle for Special Olympics Ontario's weekly social club! This week's topic is focusing on International Women's Day - what it is about and the importance behind it.

Cop Talk
Friday, March 5 at 3 PM EST
An opportunity for Special Olympics athletes to connect with members of the Law Enforcement Torch Run! You must register for this event as there are only 100 spots available. Registration ends on Friday by noon (12 PM EST). A Zoom link will be sent to you on Friday.

Mind Over Mat - Reveal Your Champion
Friday, March 5 and March 12 at 7 PM EST
This class will begin with focusing on the breath and moving your awareness inward before moving. A short meditation or intention setting will build mindfulness, before we move into the physical practice.

This will be LIVE on Facebook.
Polar Plunge Celebration Week!
What a successful Virtual Polar Plunge season it has been - there is lots to celebrate!

Follow along on social media as we share the top fundraisers, memorable stories and overall fundraising total!

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