Dear Kappa Sigma Pledge Parent:
As chairman of the Tau Trustees, I would like to congratulate and welcome you and your family to the Tau Chapter of Kappa Sigma Fraternity at the University of Texas. Our Tau alumni are very proud of our fraternity and its membership. We work diligently to help our undergraduate brothers have a successful and enriching college experience and provide post-graduate career guidance as well.

Your son’s pledge class is an exceptional array of more than 40 young men from across the U.S. with outstanding records of leadership, scholarship, service and fellowship.
Kappa Sigma has consistently been among the top tier of UT’s social fraternities since 1884, with an active alumni base of more than 1,900 members residing throughout Texas and beyond. Today’s Chapter has 175 members and pledges, ranking us among the top 10 percent in membership numbers of all Kappa Sigma chapters worldwide. 

The entrepreneurial spirit has guided the success and achievement of our members and has endured as our legacy. Currently, Kappa Sigma maintains a collective GPA of 3.4, one of the highest among UT’s large fraternities. We also bring focus to leadership and involvement in student service and philanthropic and academic organizations within the University and Austin community. In fact, multiple buildings on the UT Campus have been named for Tau initiates of Kappa Sigma.
Kappa Sigma is not only the largest fraternity in North America, but also one of UT’s oldest and most prestigious fraternities. Tau Chapter has produced an unprecedented number of distinguished alumni, seven of whom have been recognized as the International Kappa Sigma Man of the Year, more than from any other Kappa Sigma chapter: Cyrus R. Smith, Beauford Jester, Denton Cooley, MD, Richard Rainwater, Bill Wittliff, Dan Burck, and Tito Beveridge. In addition, Tau alumni have excelled in every conceivable profession and endeavor, including serving in the offices of governor, senator, university chancellor, regent, and jurist, and earning international recognition in the fields of medicine, law, investment banking, the arts, and as chief executives in the entertainment, oil and gas, and software development industries.

The Tau Trustees support the Kappa Sigma Code of Conduct which specifies expectations of all members. Specifically, the Code of Conduct outlines a strict "No Hazing” policy, as well as restrictions concerning the use/misuse of alcohol and controlled substances. These and other policies are in place to guide the members, mitigate the exposure related to such activities, and protect undergraduate members from civil and criminal liability associated with violations of the law. The Tau Trustees are fiercely committed to such, and do not intend to allow one man to adversely impact the special fraternal experience for the group as a whole.
The Tau Trustees are committed to providing the very best facilities on campus. The TKSEF, managed by a five-member alumni board, owns the Kappa Sigma campus in Austin and runs the Alumni Association. If you’ve not yet seen the property, we invite you to come take a tour. The Tau Trustees have also secured the services of former peace officers who patrol the property and work many functions to protect our undergraduates from unwelcome intruders.

We welcome your feedback on fraternity-related matters and encourage your involvement in the Parents’ Association, which supports our Chapter with many fun and meaningful activities such as our annual Parents’ Weekend, Moms’ Weekend and father/son events. 
Please visit our website for a variety of information about the Tau Chapter. Hopefully, your email address has now been added to our database so that you will receive electronic news about upcoming fraternity activities. You can update your contact information any time through the website by clicking “Update Profile.” 
Our annual Parents' Weekend is scheduled for November 11 and 12. On Saturday, November 12, parents, sons, alumni, and family members will gather to celebrate and honor several exceptional students and alumni. Your son's pledge class will also be introduced. Saturday's schedule will be posted after the kickoff time for the UT vs. TCU game is announced.

I look forward to seeing you there. Hook 'em Horns! 

Best regards,
Bill Zwiener
Chairman, Tau Trustees Committee
Texas Kappa Sigma Educational Foundation