• September 2018 •
Welcome back to school! The 2018-2019 year marks the 175th anniversary of BHS, and the Innovation Fund's 20th anniversary. We are excited to announce new events, new programs, new leadership, and new opportunities. We will be summarizing our activities this year with a new quarterly newsletter. Please read on!
~The BHS Innovation Fund
SPECIAL EVENT: Thursday 9/20/18 @7-9pm
What School Could Be: A Conversation About the Intersection of Innovation and Education 
Join us for a conversation with author and innovation expert  Ted Dintersmith   to discuss his new book  What School Could Be: Insights and Inspiration from Teachers Across America What School Could Be  is an inspiring account of teachers in ordinary circumstances doing extraordinary things, showing what leads to powerful learning in classrooms, and how to empower teachers to make it happen. Moderated by WBUR’s  Meghna Chakrabarti , the thought-provoking conversation with Mr. Dintersmith will delve into how teachers can change the education system in creative, compelling and practical ways to positively impact students and better prepare them to succeed in the innovation economy. This event is FREE but registration is recommended.

The Innovation Fund invests in new academic ideas and innovations at BHS. The following curricular offerings are underway, thanks to the generosity of Fund donors.

Three Courses Integrated in to the PSB Catalog...
 Racial Awareness Seminar : fostering a learning community empowered by the rich diversity of identities and perspectives at BHS. BHS Faculty: Malcolm Cawthorne and Kate Leslie

EPIC (Experiential, Project-based, Innovative, Capstone) : a senior year alternative providing a hands-on, project-based experience. BHS Faculty: Stephanie McAllister and Ben Berman

History as Film / Film as History : exploring how history and documentary film intersect. BHS Faculty: Thato Mwosa and Mark Wheeler

... And Programs / Classes Continue and Launch  
Mindfulness Initiative : one-year extension of pilot funding. BHS Faculty: Elizabeth Gorman

Engineering Innovation & Design : third year of funding. BHS Faculty: Aubrey Love and Andrew Maglathlin 

Finding Yourself in the Curriculum : a new program. BHS Faculty: Marika Aibhai, Elizabeth Crane, and Julia Rocco  

Innovation Fellow : BHS Faculty Eli Williams

SPECIAL EVENT: Thursday 11/15/18
Save the Date for Gala-Rama
Thursday, November 15th
Cheeky Monkey Brewing Co. @ Jillian's Boston

Cheeky Monkey Brewing Co. on Landsdowne Street offers an on-site brewery delivering freshly brewed craft beers, cross-cultured street food creations, billiards, pingpong and shuffleboard. Mark your calendar to enjoy a fun and festive night out supporting innovation in education at BHS with fellow parents and educators. Tickets will go on sale later this month. Bookmark our event page .

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GET TO KNOW US! We are Excited to Announce our 2018-2019 Team:
Leadership and Committee Chairs
Ellen Rizika, Board of Directors Chair
Jill Altshuler, Board of Directors Vice Chair
Ted Arnstein, Treasurer & Clerk
Irene Abrams, Program Committee, Chair
Genae Johnson, Finance Committee, Vice Chair
Polly Ross Ribatt, Fundraising, Chair
Stacey Irwin Downey, Board of Overseers Co-Chair
Louise Shah, Board of Overseers Co-Chair
Jennifer Hunt, Gala Committee, Chair
Elizabeth Schlosberg, Communications Committee, Chair
Board of Directors:
Irene Abrams
Jill Altshuler
Ted Arnstein
Seth Finkelstein
Peter Jacobs
Genae Johnson
Steven Luby
Scott Mahoney
Paul Mathew
Faheem Rasool
Polly Ross Ribatt
Ellen Rizika
Daniel St. Clair
Winifred Swan
David Weisner
Elizabeth Zachos

Welcome to New Board Member:
Denise Casper

Farewell and Thank You to Immediate Past Board Members:
Betty Bagnani
Jenny Czajkowski
Mark Friedman
Rosemary McElroy
Olga Perelman

Thank You to Immediate Past Board Chair Elizabeth Zachos, who will helm our 20th Anniversary Year of Celebrations.
Board of Overseers:
Stacey Irwin Downey
Lori Farnan
Elizabeth Gardner
David Greenstein
Jennifer Hunt
James Kessler
Lisa Lisi
Michael Murphy
Christopher Noe
Claudia Ordonez
Elizabeth Schlosberg
Louise Shah
Piper Trelstad

Welcome to New Overseers:
Gabrielena Alcala
Mark Barer
Kelly Pasenelli
Bonnie Sherman

Farewell and Thank You to Immediate Past Overseers:
Michelle Ephraim
Marcia Ferrigno
Ellen Groustra
Kelley Misata
Diana Nygren
Dena Sacco
You Can Volunteer Too!
Thank you to these wonderful volunteers who provide invaluable assistance with our initiatives and events: Sue Gilzow, Zsuzsa Varleyhi, Jin Suk, Olga St. Clair, Alithia Broderick, Deb Heffan, Michele Rozen, Cara Ferragamo Murray, Mara Littman, Jen Wells, Emily Engeland, Reshma Katwa, and Carey Goldberg. Kudos to our student photographers: Sander Sorok and Kianoosh Mempel.

The BHS Innovation Fund is a non profit 501(c)3 that relies on volunteers. You do not need to be on one of our Boards to participate on a project or lend a hand at any of our events. Contact Fund Director Stacey Zelbow to learn more about upcoming ways to engage with us and be a valuable part of the BHS community. Thank you!