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April 22, 2016
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Apply Now for Habitat III Side and Networking Events

The application process is now open for both Side Events and Networking Events during the Habitat III conference in October. Both types of events represent a chance for stakeholders outside the official governmental process to take part in the conference, learn and share knowledge, network, and create new partnerships around issues of cities and urbanization. 

Individual organizations will only be allowed to be the lead sponsor one of each type of event, though collaboration and multi-organizational applications are encouraged. 

The call for applications will be open through May 30th. Find more information about side events here, and networking events here
IDB Study on The State of Housing in the Caribbean

The IDB recently published a study focusing on the current state of housing in six Caribbean countries, edited by IHC Board Chairman Bob Dubinsky. The report evaluates social housing programs from 2000 to 2015, focusing on the importance of housing to alleviating poverty, encouraging economic development and increasing climate resilience. 

The study acknowledges the impact rapid urbanization has had on the region, estimating that  US$1.8 billion would be needed to end poor housing conditions currently endured by 1 million residents in the region. The report notes that the majority of Caribbean residents live in coastal areas making them particularly vulnerable to sea level rise and other effects of climate change.

The report makes recommendations on how governments might i ncorporate into their social housing programs measures to protect homes against rising sea level, adopt  new designs to increase the resilience of coastal housing, and improve building codes. 

Read a press release about the research here. Read the full paper here.
IHC Joins Launch of  " The City We Need is Affordable" Competition  

At a press conference this week, the International Real Estate Federation FIABCI launched a competition around the theme "The City We Need is Affordable." IHC supports the campaign and shares the belief that affordable housing is critical to the development of an inclusive and sustainable city. The current lack of affordable housing in many cities is exacerbated by inflated land prices, inadequate focus on affordability, and lack of private sector participation. 
FIABCI will bring together the real estate industry's major stakeholders to propose innovative solutions to meet the increasing demand for affordable housing.  The competition will  identify and collect best practices, innovations and smart solutions to addressing the challenge of affordable housing in cities around the world. The winners of the competition will join FIABCI at Habitat III to present their innovations. 
At the launch of the competition, IHC President and CEO Judith Hermanson highlighted that with  more than half of the world's population now living in cities what happens in cities matters to everyone.  Affordable housing is a key path to increased prosperity for individuals and families and is central to IHC's awareness and advocacy program. 

Read more about the competition and how to enter it  here
Cities to be Integrated into Global Climate Monitoring

A successful advocacy campaign by a coalition of urban and city stakeholders over the past few weeks has resulted in the decision that cities will be more carefully considered in the global work program on climate change. 

At the 43rd session of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change the panel agreed that they will pay  special attention in the upcoming monitoring cycle to the impacts of climate change on cities and their unique mitigation and adaptation challenges and opportunities. 

The IPCC also decided that a Special Report on Climate Change and Cities will be included in the next cycle (taking place from 2023-2028) and that an International Scientific Conference on Climate Change and Cities will take place next year. 

An IPCC Special Report on Cities and Climate Change will serve to clarify the potential governance, policy, and financial instruments to support mitigation and adaptation actions in urban areas, where more than half of the global population lives and 70% of global energy use is generated.

Read more about the decision from the C40 group here

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