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OneLooking Beyond Borders: The Reality of Migration in Cities

Ana Feder,  project manager for the Mediterranean City-to-City Migration (MC2CM) project at the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), has written an article for CityMinded regarding the realities of migration in cities. Feder, a migrant herself, examines what lies underneath the sensationalized aspects of the migrant crisis, and the talk about borders and national security. Migration is an urban phenomenon, and Feder argues that the impact of urban migration unfolds at the local level, and so local government should be at the helm. MC2CM is designed to do just that- emphasize the power of the local, and shift the perception of migration from problematic to one of opportunity. IHC Global is heartened by this approach, because it is consistent with advancing greater inclusiveness in cities.

To read the full article and learn more about the project, click here.
Two What does it mean for a city to be "fragile"?

C itiscope writer Gabriela Rico talks to Robert Muggah,  research director at the  IgarapĂ© Institute , to find out more about the Fragile Cities Data Visualization, a new data tool that attempts to measure fragilit in  2,100 cities around the globe, based on data on population growth, air pollution, terrorist killings and other metrics. Throughout the interview, Muggah discusses the current and future plans for the tool, why measuring fragility is so important, and what the data will mean for the resilience of cities worldwide. As urban resilience is one of our key policy topics, IHC Global is optimistic that this tool will discover new approaches to achieving resilience, and will facilitate solutions that are designed to suit individual cities.

To read the full interview, click here.
Want sustainable urban development? Time for Local Agenda 2030

In the aftermath of Habitat III, uncertainty remains over how effective the New Urban Agenda will be in achieving what it has set out to do. Sustainable urban development is an ambitious goal, and Citiscope writer Teresa Ribera examines two challenges that the New Urban Agenda falls short on: harmonizing with other global agreements like the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreements, and giving clear guidelines for its own aims. These shortcomings leave a gaping hole in global strategy for sustainable urban development, especially in terms of localization. Ribera argues that the next step should be a new initiative called Local Agenda 2030, inspired by Local Agenda 21.

To read the full article, click here.
EventEvent: Reimagining Communities Symposium

After the long holiday break, Urban Institute will be back imagining urban futures with a new event, Reimagining Communities. The event will be a peer-learning meeting of business and civic leaders, policy experts and practitioners and will explore several issues that are taking on the urban scene, including emerging technologies, persisting poverty and income inequality, and the changing face of the workforce.

When: January 23, 2017
8:30 AM- 4:00 PM
Where: Capital One Conference Center
8036 Dominion Pkwy, Plano, Texas 75024

To register, click here.
NewsIn the News and Around the Web
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Unconventional beauty: Chinese Artist Yang Yongliang combines traditional Chinese landscapes and the structures that make up urban living into a work of art. Source: CNN
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