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Consensus Reached on Right to the City in New Urban Agenda

A historic consensus has been reached on the "right to the city" concept in the New Urban Agenda. "Right to the City," aims to specify the roles and responsibilities that local and national governments, civil society and international organizations have in providing dignified, equitable lives to all members of urban populations, and it has been highly controversial since it was first brought to international attention nearly a decade ago. If the compromise between nations to include the concept in the Agenda is successful, this will be the first time that "Right to the City" will be in an internationally negotiated document. IHC is a proud supporter of "Right to the City," and its hopeful inclusion in the New Urban Agenda will put us lightyears ahead in our goal for equitable urban development.

Read this Citiscope article to learn more.
Event: Urban Breakfast at the Ford Foundation

The Ford Foundation is hosting another Urban Breakfast in preparation for Habitat III. The breakfast will have a presentation on the Habitat Commitment Project, an initiative by the Global Urban Futures project and the New School. The event will discuss how to fulfill the Habitat commitments, and how to assess the past for a brighter urban future. Speakers will include Ana Maria Argilagos, Tim Marshall, Michael Cohen, Lena Simet, and Maria Carrizosa.

When: Thursday, September 15, 8:30-11:30 AM EDT
Where: East River Room, Ford Foundation
320 East 43rd Street, New York, NY 10017

To RSVP and register, click here.
Online Event: Legitimate Land Rights

Experts from USAID, Illova Sugar Ltd., International City/County Management Association, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, and the World Bank will be hosting an online panel discussing the complexities of land rights, and addressing two important questions: What are legitimate land rights? And how can promoting the idea of "legitimacy" address the gap between policies and development outcomes? The panel will be moderated by Richard Gaynor of the Millenium Challenge Corporation, and will feature USAID's Brian Keane, Illovo Sugar Ltd.'s Kate Mathias, International City/County Management Association's David Grossman, and the World Bank's Jonathan Lindsay

When: Thursday, September 15 10-11AM EDT

To register, click here.
Event: Urban Equity & Climate Resilience in New Urban Agenda

IHC Global is pleased to be joining with RTI International and USAID  a week from Tuesday to co-host a dialogue "Beyond Habitat III: Integrating Urban Equity & Climate Resilience in the New Urban Agenda." This important event will discuss the profound impact that urbanization has had on the global environment and strategies for building equity into climate resilience activities in the implementation of the New Urban Agenda. The session will  look at climate resilience in cities from the perspective of policy makers and practitioners, present research findings, and discuss lessons learned from previous resilience approaches. The program will include guest speakers and open dialogue with attendees.

When:  Tuesday, September 13, 10:00 AM EDT
Where:  RTI International,
701 13th St NW Suite 700
Washington, DC 20005

To RSVP and register, click  here.
HabitatHabitat III News
  • Devex joins the conversation on how to monitor the New Urban Agenda after Habitat III. Read it here.
  • As the debate over the future of UN-Habitat continues, there is talk about a rumored proposal for an intergovernmental entity that would oversee the implementation of the New Urban Agenda. To learn more, read a Citiscope article here.
  • The Habitat III organizers have released a "program at a glance" of the conference. Check it out here.
  • There is one month left to register for Habitat III. The deadline is October 1. Click here to register. To become a partner in the Habitat III implementation plan, sign up here.
NewsIn the News and Around the Web
  • Harvard is helping mayors learn how to run big cities. Read more here.
  • Large scale urbanization is changing the future of food. Find out how here.
  • CityLab explores how to create sustainable cities by reimagining the civic commons. Find out more here.
Informal settlement in Badra, Mumbai. In the next 15 years alone, India will have to build 7.5-9.7 billion square feet of commercial and residential space each year to keep up with its rapid urbanization. Source: WIRED
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