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Happy Fourth of July!

What started out as a celebration to mark our young nation’s independence from England more than 200 years ago has evolved into a national holiday that celebrates the American spirit, our nation’s independent and powerful leadership in the World.


We were founded by recognizing a person’s inherent rights and responsibilities. We were founded on the principles of equality, religious tolerance, and opportunity. These beliefs have been challenged many times over the years but have always been defended by men and women willing to protect these principles, sometimes by risking the ultimate sacrifice.


As you celebrate Independence Day this year, take a moment to reflect on the unique and great nature of this country and to thank those who have given their lives to defend our way of life, as well as the current men and women in uniform in harm’s way.

CBPA Testifies On Priority Legislation as July 14th Second House Policy Committee Deadline Approaches

AB 1218 (Lowenthal; D-Long Beach) – This bill would move the replacement, relocation assistance, and right to return requirements in the Housing Crisis Act into a stand-alone section, thereby making these changes permanent while allowing the fundamentally important pro-housing production reforms included in SB 330 to expire. The bill unfortunately will stop many important industrial projects which could have a negative impact on goods movement, jobs, and economic development.

CBPA testified in opposition to this bill unless it was amended to address issues related to development of industrial properties this week at the Senate Governance & Finance Committee, and it passed out on an 5-0-3 vote (two Republicans and one Democrat abstained). We will continue to push amendments in a second hearing next week.

SB 747 (Caballero; D-Greenfield) - This bill provides much needed clarifications and reforms to the Surplus Land Act and reaffirms existing Economic Opportunity Law that is used by local agencies to acquire and dispose of property to improve economic opportunities for local residents. SB 747 will expand jobs and increase local economic opportunities. CBPA testified in support this week at the Assembly Local Government Committee, and it passed out on an 8-0 vote.

SB 795 (Stern; D-Calabasas) – This bill would direct the California Energy Commission to create an HVAC equipment sales tracking system and a code compliance data repository for HVAC and commercial lighting to improve code compliance and lower the cost of enforcement. A functional and efficient system for code enforcement will improve the safety and energy efficiency of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems installed in California. CBPA testified in support at the Assembly Utilities and Energy Committee this week, and it passed out on a 12-1 vote.

SB 755 (Becker; D-San Mateo) – This bill would establish California’s Layered Energy Applications for Residents (CLEAR) Act of 2023. This new program under SB 755, will help homeowners support the state’s climate goals by ensuring that they are aware of the incentives and rebates available for home energy retrofits and savings. CBPA testified in support at the Assembly Utilities and Energy Committee this week, and it passed out on a 14-0 vote.

State Budget Agreement Made – Infrastructure Proposals to be Voted On

On Monday, the governor and leaders of the state senate and assembly reached an agreement on the ’23-’24 state budget, set to take affect on Saturday. The budget agreement was delayed due to the governor’s infrastructure streamlining proposals announced in May. The agreement reached on Monday includes support for the governor’s proposals which will be voted on this week in the form of the following trailer bills:


·     SB 145 (Newman) Environmental mitigation

·     SB 146 (Gonzalez) Public resources

·     SB 147 (Ashby) Fully protected species

·     SB 149 (Caballero) Environmental Quality Act

·     SB 150 (Durazo) Construction


CBPA will continue to advocate for the governor’s infrastructure package. These proposals are essential in order to accelerate critical energy, water and transportation infrastructure projects we need to achieve California’s climate goals while strengthening our state’s economic competitiveness.  

Why Attend the CA Commercial Real Estate Summit?

"I consider attending CCRES a vital component of our advocacy efforts that can have profound positive effects for commercial real estate at state and local levels. There’s really nothing like meeting our legislators face-to-face. Not to mention, the various opportunities to learn from our colleagues about key legislation, and how that is helpful in terms of preparing our local markets in their advocacy efforts."


Lincoln Property Company


Local Tax Measures on the Rise

Los Angeles County Supervisor Lindsay Horvath is leading an effort to put an L.A. County tax on the 2024 ballot through a citizen backed initiative. By putting it on the ballot in such a manner, it will use the Upland Loophole and will need a simple majority vote in order to win rather than a two-thirds majority. This is the same approach taken by the City of Los Angeles to pass Measure ULA, the transfer tax. Additionally, San Diego is in the early stages of proposing its own transfer tax, and the City of Perris has approved a special election for a new warehouse tax.

CBPA is closely monitoring proposed taxes across the state and utilizing funds to take opposition efforts as needed in order to advocate for our industry and the competitiveness of our state.


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