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Peaceful God,

Our hearts today are full of gratitude as we commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day, the day when brave souls stormed the beaches of Normandy to fight for freedom and peace. We honor the courage, sacrifice, and unwavering resolve of those who faced unimaginable challenges to secure the liberties we hold dear.

Loving God, we remember those who laid down their lives in the pursuit of peace and justice remembering their sacrifices will never be forgotten. May their bravery inspire us to stand up for what is right today, to cherish the freedoms they fought for, and to strive for a world where peace and justice prevail.

Ever Present God, we pray for the families of those who served, who endured the pain of separation and loss. Comfort them with the knowledge that their loved ones’ valor and sacrifice have left an indelible mark on history and on our hearts.

As we reflect on this momentous day, grant us the wisdom to learn from the past, the courage to face the future with hope, and the resolve to work tirelessly for a better world. May the spirit of D-Day continue to inspire generations to come.

Bless our veterans, living and departed, and bless all who serve in the pursuit of peace. We pray for peace among nations and an end to all conflicts.

In your name, we pray. Amen.



This Sunday, June 9th, is our Children’s Sunday service!

We invite all to join us for this joy-filled service as our kids lead us in worship and prayer.

3rd graders will receive their Bibles and the awarding of the Eloise Parks Scholarship.


June 9 at 2:00PM, Hyannis Sound

will be in concert at Pilgrim Church. This is Cape Cod's premiere acapella group, singing songs from Frank Sinatra to Taylor Swift. Reviews include: “These guys are GREAT!”, ” Fabulous harmonies” “Energy off the charts”, “A must see summer concert”.

The concert is free, and a goodwill offering will be accepted.


Pilgrim Church will be hosting the

Duxbury For All Committees (www.duxburyforall.org) airing of the documentary film, “1946: The Mistranslation that Shifted a Culture”, on June 13th at 7 PM.


“1946” follows a group of researchers who uncover a mistranslation of two words from ancient Greek when the new 1946 Revised Standard Edition of the New Testament was being developed.

To learn more about 1946: The Mistranslation that Shifted a Culture, visit www.1946themovie.com

The 90-minute film will be aired at 7 PM, and will be followed by 30-minute, break-out discussions in the Fellowship Hall for those who wish to participate.

Congratulations to our college graduates!

Katherine Auth – Clemson University,

Chasey Sampson – University of Massachusetts


Congratulations to our high school graduates!

Ella Edwards – American University

Zach Falls – Williams College

Audrey Leith - Roanoke College

Tucker Sampson – Emory University

Oliver Thawley – Ohio Wesleyan University

Isabella Vose – Bryant University

Our Youth Mission Trip departs on June 23rd for Farmington, Maine.

We’d love to know you’re thinking of us while we’re away!

We invite you to write letters of encouragement and support that will be shared with the kids during the week.

You can bring them to Angelique’s office anytime until Saturday, June 22nd.

Kids attending:

Carleigh Burns

Ella Edwards

Noah Edwards

Ben Elliott

Lucas Falls

Jake Falls

Luke Hutton

Allie McKay

Oliver Thawley

Reagan Widdop

Alec Wood

Ben Wood



Nancy Cooney

Greg Hunter

Angelique Kania

Addison Thawley

Seeking Scrapbooker to update

Music history at Pilgrim Church. 

The Music Program keeps a scrapbook of music activities and programs held at Pilgrim Church. 

If scrapbooking is your forte (pardon the pun), and if you can assist us, please contact Claire DeCusati. 

We’d like to update our scrapbook. We have all the material – you provide the creativity! This is a project that can be done at home.  

Lucy Shepard will be away until September, so if anyone would like to take the recycle bins in the kitchen and workroom (paper) to the recycle center periodically, that would be wonderful.

“Lemonade on the Lawn”

begins on July 7th

Please sign up to help on the chart (with a friend or spouse on one Sunday in the summer. We are ONLY serving iced tea or lemonade…and no cookies or treats! Bring 2 empty jugs and use our “mixes” and ice in the kitchen…or bring ready made if you prefer. We have a rolling cooler to bring the jugs down to the front lawn. All other supplies will be kept in the narthex closet. Thank you for your help . Janet Ritch


Many thanks to Greg Hunter and Tom Brayer for leading the PARADE FLOAT MINISTRY, constructing a model for the 4th of July parade float! We will be celebrating 180 years of our founding with the model on a flatbed truck.

The next step is to get the model painted. It will require some primer and then paint. WHO FEELS CALLED TO LEND A HAND? You can email the office at office@uccduxbury.org and we will get you hooked up with Greg and Tom for instructions. Time is starting to be a concern…so please consider helping asap!


Now’s your opportunity to check off “Being in a parade”!

Join the fun and be on Pilgrim Church’s float in Duxbury’s 4th of July parade!

Email Angelique (youthdir@uccduxbury.org)  


On the 4th of July we will be offering Strawberry Shortcake to parade goers? INTERESTED IN HELPING? Let us know at office@uccduxbury.org and we will connect you to the cohorts leading this ministry!

We will be having hot dogs too if you would like to help with them as well!


(rain date August 11). There are 6 seats remaining – make your reservation with Becky Garrett as soon as possible! Board one of five boats and spend an hour exploring our waters. Return to 237 King Caesar Road for a summer sunset supper in the yard overlooking the Bay. A wonderful opportunity to join fellow congregants in sending our pastor off on his sabbatical. Boats are being provided by Edie and Ted Devnew, Marie and Erik Dilger, Becky and Jim Garrett, Gina and Drew Thawley, and Nancy and Sandy Von Stackelberg.

Seats are limited, so early reservations are recommended. $100 per person, or more if you choose. To make a reservation either call or email Becky Garrett. Her phone number is

781-974-3785 and her email address is BeckyGarrett1000@gmail.com.

Lost & Found items at Pilgrim Church and Pilgrim Childcare & Preschool (PCCP)

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