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This coming weekend we look to the arrival on the calendar to what some view as simply the counterpart to Mother’s Day—Father’s Day. It might seem that 80% of our attention is given to Mother’s Day because it comes first, and the TV and newspaper ads seem to focus all about Mother’s Day, and then, more quietly, here’s Father’s Day, too. Is that your experience?

Next month, my sisters and I will be remembering our Dad on the 50th anniversary of his passing to God. Each year that goes by, I think more deeply about what my Dad meant and means to me in the short 16 years we had to spend together. All the memories bring me daily inspirations and encourage me to be a better person, husband, Dad, and Grandfather.

I was a “handful” as a kid, often needing some special attention to correct my “decisions”. (I loved to climb on roofs of houses and barns!) My Dad’s attention and attitude made clear what he and Mom expected of me and assured me that he knew I could do what he asked.

My Dad loved sports, and so do I. I know my love of basketball and baseball are directly due to our genetics. You couldn’t ever find a better encourager and coach; all my friends loved him. So, even though he has not been physically here in life for me to take to dinner, go golfing or fishing and spend time with, he is never far from my thoughts and heart. And I see him in my sons and grandsons every time we are together, always knowing how proud he would be of them in their life choices.

So, remember that it’s not about what you buy, or do, or want to give your Dad that shows appreciation. Instead, if you had an exceptional Dad as I did, honor your dad every day of your life by remembering what he did for you as a child, the lessons you learned by what he said or the things he didn’t say, and he will see that.

We take our cues from Jesus and his relationship with God. Love your kids unconditionally. Don’t base your affection or approval on anything other than the fact that they’re your kids. Love them no matter what they do, say (or climb), no matter the mistakes they make. Just as you are loved by God!

Happy Father’s Day


Children’s Sunday was the official wrap-up to the Sunday School year.

We will have two “stay connected” Sunday School days on July 21 and August 11.

There will always be books, coloring pages and pipe cleaners in the back pew to keep little hands and minds occupied during church services for the other summer services.

And Jeannie Desmond will be in the nursery all summer for our infants and toddlers!

Happy Summer! Keep the FAITH!

   Save the Date ~ June 22, 2024

  Join us for a time of hands-on service

  Magical Moon Farm – 575 Summer St. Marshfield

Let’s come together as a community

to create a Magical Experience for

children with terminal and chronic

health conditions


The Mission/Outreach Committee is pleased to announce that we will be returning to Magical Moon Farm, rain or shine, on Saturday, June 22 from 10:00-2:00 as an opportunity for all to gather in Marshfield for a day of service to help spruce the grounds, work in the gardens and tend to any odd jobs that will help beautify the farm.


Like last spring this will be a drop in event, as your schedule allows. Pop by for an hour or stay as long as you like. 


Beautifying the farm is important, but not as much as the joy this will bring children with terminal and chronic health conditions. Magical Moon offers healthy living programs that bring children and families together. The programs and support empower children with hope. During the summer there’s lots of conversation among the children and adults in the gardens and while tending to the animals. Creating during art and music projects is a means to express inner fears and hopes. The Magical Moon Foundation allows families to have a location on the South Shore that is cost free for their children to build strength and resilience during and after treatments.


This is a time for all ages to help bring brightness to the gardens. Families gather the kids, bring your water bottle, lunch, garden gloves, sun protection, bright spirits and positive energy for an hour or two of community at the farm.

I suggest wearing long pants to avoid any insects you may encounter.


To learn more about Magical Moon Farm and their events and programs visit:


If you have any questions or interested in joining the gardening crew please contact Lois Samuelson at ljs53@comcast.net o


Pilgrim Church of Duxbury, United Church of Christ, an Open and Affirming Congregation, will be hosting the Duxbury For All Committee’s (www.duxburyforall.org ) airing of the documentary film, “1946: The Mistranslation that Shifted a Culture”, on Thursday night ,June 13th at 7 PM.

“1946” follows a group of researchers who uncover a mistranslation of two words from ancient Greek when the new 1946 Revised Standard Edition of the New Testament was being developed. This mistranslation was the first time that the word “homosexuals” ever appeared in the Bible. The film is both a fascinating inquiry into the original meaning of two words, and a moving story of the researchers’ faith that drove them to uncover and discuss the religious roots of anti-LGBTQ+ bias which unfortunately so many still hold today. Especially moving is the relationship between the producer, a lesbian woman, and her conservative pastor father. While they never come to agreement, the spirit of love, so fundamental to their beliefs, allows them to honestly discuss this issue.

To learn more about 1946: The Mistranslation that Shifted a Culture, visit www.1946themovie.com.

The 90-minute film will be aired at 7 PM, and will be followed by 30-minute, break-out discussions in the Fellowship Hall for those who wish to participate. RB will be one of the facilitators for discussion. 

Our Youth Mission Trip departs on June 23rd for Farmington, Maine.

We’d love to know you’re thinking of us while we’re away!

We invite you to write letters of encouragement and support that will be shared with the kids during the week.

You can bring them to Angelique’s office anytime until Saturday, June 22nd.

Kids attending:

Carleigh Burns

Ella Edwards

Noah Edwards

Ben Elliott

Lucas Falls

Jake Falls

Luke Hutton

Allie McKay

Oliver Thawley

Reagan Widdop

Alec Wood

Ben Wood



Nancy Cooney

Greg Hunter

Angelique Kania

Addison Thawley

Now’s your opportunity to check off “Being in a parade”!

Join the fun and be on Pilgrim Church’s float in Duxbury’s 4th of July parade!

Email Angelique (youthdir@uccduxbury.org)  

Seeking Scrapbooker to update

Music history at Pilgrim Church. 

The Music Program keeps a scrapbook of music activities and programs held at Pilgrim Church. 

If scrapbooking is your forte (pardon the pun), and if you can assist us, please contact Claire DeCusati. 

We’d like to update our scrapbook. We have all the material – you provide the creativity! This is a project that can be done at home.  

Lucy Shepard will be away until September, so if anyone would like to take the recycle bins in the kitchen and workroom (paper) to the recycle center periodically, that would be wonderful.


Worship will be at 9:30 AM from Sunday,

July 7th through Sunday, September 1st

We will return to 10:00 AM service on

Rally Day, September 8th!

“Lemonade on the Lawn”

begins on July 7th

Do you feel “called” to offer radical hospitality by serving lemonade on the lawn after church this summer? It’s easy to do and very welcoming to visitors & members. Please join our “Lemonade Ministry” by adding your name to this volunteer opportunity.  

Be part of the 4th of July



Looking for a fun day passing out great food? Join our 4th of July “Strawberry Shortcake and Hot Dog” Ministry Team! GREAT DAY FOR OUR NEW FAMILIES TO HELP OUT!

Serve for an hour or so… and see lots of happy faces! Show your radical Pilgrim Church hospitality by lending a hand. Sign up in Fellowship Hall or email Rev. Bill at revbill@uccduxbury.org and we will schedule your time on the front lawn before the Duxbury 4th of July Parade! ARE YOU CALLED TO SERVE?


(rain date August 11). There are 6 seats remaining – make your reservation with Becky Garrett as soon as possible! Board one of five boats and spend an hour exploring our waters. Return to 237 King Caesar Road for a summer sunset supper in the yard overlooking the Bay. A wonderful opportunity to join fellow congregants in sending our pastor off on his sabbatical. Boats are being provided by Edie and Ted Devnew, Marie and Erik Dilger, Becky and Jim Garrett, Gina and Drew Thawley, and Nancy and Sandy Von Stackelberg.

Seats are limited, so early reservations are recommended. $100 per person, or more if you choose. To make a reservation either call or email Becky Garrett. Her phone number is

781-974-3785 and her email address is BeckyGarrett1000@gmail.com.

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