Welcome to Pilgrim Church of Duxbury
An Open & Affirming Congregation


SUMMER WORSHIP SCHEDULE: Worship will be at 9:30 AM starting this Sunday, July 7th through Sunday, September 1st

We will return to 10:00 AM service on Rally Day, September 8th!

Check out our slideshow of this year’s Youth Mission trip here!

Many thanks to Greg Hunter for putting it all together!

Pilgrim Church ~ Duxbury 4th of July Parade

Now is the time for you to live your dream of being in a parade!!!!

Our model church has been constructed -thank you Greg Hunter and Tom Brayer, it’s been painted – thank you, RB,

we have a trailer - thank you, Thawley family we have a truck and driver to pull the trailer - thank you, Erik Dilger, we even have specially made t-shirts for everyone to wear –

now we are DESPERATE for people to be on the float!!!


Come throw candy and live out what our t-shirt says,

“Together in spirit. Together in service!”


Kids and families are all welcome to join us!

We’ll meet at the float at 1:00 on Bay Road.


Duxbury Spirit! Pilgrim Church Spirit! American Spirit!



On July 4th during the Duxbury July 4th parade we would like to sell ice coffee and Strawberry Shortcake to support our servicemen and women.  All proceeds collected will be donated to support the Holy Joe's Cafe mission.  Are you up for volunteering or donating to the event?  If you are at the church for the parade are you and/or your family willing to give a little bit of your time?  Are you willing to donate a can of whipped cream, a pint of blueberries or quart of Strawberries. If you are interested let Maureen Ferguson know (mferguson02332@gmail.com) or use the Sign Up Genius Link below.  

It will be a small commitment of your time, but should be a fun community event.  Monetary donations will be received at the church office.   

Sign up using the Signup Genius link by clicking here: 

Join the Strawberry Shortcake Ministry 


needs YOU!

Who can volunteer a bit of time on the front lawn of the church on the 4th of July serving hot dogs?

Join us for ½ hour or so and pass out a crowd favorite!

Let RB know what time you can come from 12:30 – end of parade!

“Lemonade on the Lawn”

begins on July 7th

Do you feel “called” to offer radical hospitality by serving lemonade on the lawn after church this summer? It’s easy to do and very welcoming to visitors & members. Please join our “Lemonade Ministry” by adding your name to this volunteer opportunity.  

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