Pastor Jason's Weekly E-Note
May 1, 2020

Dear Prairie Avenue Family,

As we enter a second month of limited in-person and social distancing, it may be feeling a lot like a Peanuts (TM) comic, with Lucy taking away the normalcy football as we try to kick it. You should be receiving another pastoral letter in your mailbox outlining the steps towards reopening that are being considered and planned as limitations are lifted and restrictions are eased.

Our General Minister and President, Teresa Hord Owens, just posted a letter to the church expressing our fears, addressing anxieties, and asking us to open with love in mind rather than economics. You can read the letter here .

The College of Regional Ministers have also posted a similar letter.

Speaking of economics, your continued generosity is a testament to your commitment to the ministry and mission of Prairie Avenue. Most of you who could, have continued to give despite our doors being closed and in-person gatherings being suspended. Some went beyond that, recognizing the possible shortfall. This past month was our best month for contributions in 2020. Thank you!

Our online accessibility has been improved with direct live stream now available on . Starting tomorrow, we will host a 5 pm live stream service from this channel. You can set up a reminder, and invite a friend. This live stream is also Facebook Live (TM) free, and will be the same as the 9am Facebook Live (TM) on Sunday. Now you have two times you can gather for worship each weekend.

Many of you have complimented and shared the daily devotional, which is also accessible via our updated website:

Payroll Protection Program Update
We did receive confirmation that our forgivable payroll and operations loan through the Small Business Administration has been approved and we await closing documents.

See you in worship (online!) this weekend!
As a church family, we care for and pray for one another.
 Names in Bold are new or updated concerns.
Peggy Bergen, Jeff Baker (Les Ruffner's friend), Joan and John Doll, Jayson Dudley (Brad Trotter's friend) , Chris & Marion Gardner, David & Janet Geibel, Corbin Henderson, Chase Hendricks, Susie Hendricks, Dane Hodges, Jim & Barbara Kater, Sondra Lehew, Tom Little (Dixie June's Son-in-Law/Linda Little's Husband ) , Elizabeth Long , Joan March (Tonda Atchason’s mother), Kathleen McDaniel (Elizabeth Long’s cousin), Stephanie Pulliam (Tonda Atchason’s friend), Kathy Ray, Tiffany Ray Peacock, Karen Sharp, Amanda Sheperd, Mike & Cheryl Sheumaker, Pamela Smith (Amanda Butterick’s sister), Brad Trotter, Melia Yarnell 

Amanda Butterick, Zachery Hocker, Those who are unemployed, underemployed, furloughed or laid-off by COVID-19.

Long-Term Care
Maxine Henson, Helen Kater, Betty Moore, Maxine Van der Voort
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