Weekly Update: March 29, 2021
We have went through final inspection with GDOT. We have also gone through the punch list with the contractor, some items will be completed shortly. And additional landscaping will be coming this summer, but
the Gateway Bridge is officially open.
Happy Crossings Ya'll!
April Library Events
Don't miss out on this jam packed schedule of events at the Peachtree City Library! Click the button below to view the schedule.
Chief Chat with Police Chief Janet Moon
Spring Clean Up
This years Spring clean up in cancelled. If things change we will be sure to notify you.
April Senior Services Program Calendar
This month there are unique programs, like Mans Best Friend, where you can hear all about the benefits of adding a dog to your family.
Donations Needed to Help Our Newnan Neighbors
DONATIONS NEEDED!! The Coweta County Government is requesting donations of WATER, TOILETRIES, CLEANING SUPPLIES, AND PLASTIC TOTES to help the victims of the recent tornado. They specifically stated that NO CLOTHING will be accepted.
To make it easier for you to donate, the Peachtree City Police Department will be hosting a drop off site Sunday, March 28 - Friday, April 2 at the Peachtree City Police Department. The site will be open in the front parking lot from 10 am to 6 pm daily during those dates. We will take the trailer to Coweta for a drop off either on Friday or each time it gets filled up. Let’s help our neighbors in need!!

AT&T Service Installation
Subdivisions Ardenlee and the Marks (North & South) will be getting a fiber upgrade from ATT. This will begin with the utilities being marked (please do not remove the flags, again it shows where your utilities are), and then work will begin shortly thereafter. Several subdivisions will have the upgrade during the spring/summer months.
REMINDER: Utility work takes place in City-owned Right-of-Way or Utility Easements. Please do not threaten contractors – they are allowed to work in this area whether you personally want the service or not. While it may be your “yard,” it is not your property. Contractors will restore grass when done in the neighborhood. Residents should water new grass seed/sod after installation (the utilities do not return to keep grass seed/sod watered). No one should have private sprinkler systems or electric dog fences in the public right-of-way, but if you do, please mark them when you see other utilities marked in your yard. Utility contractors are not responsible for restoring these items, and locate services (811) will not know about them to mark them.

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