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Personal Commentary: I speak to originators throughout the commercial equipment finance and leasing industry on a daily basis. The originators vary from new originators to veterans with twenty plus years of experience; from originators working for smaller independents to major banks and institutional players; and originators who focus on a variety of different equipment types and industries.

The conversations often revolve around the facts that it takes more effort to generate new opportunities in 2024 compared to just a few years ago; rates have risen significantly since mid-2022; and credit criteria are tighter in 2024 than they were in the recent past. All these statements are correct. However:

  • By historical measurement, yields remain well within reason. They are not at a high mark or a low mark. Yields are well aligned with current market conditions. (I remember well the early 1980's when prime rates were in the twenty percent range.)
  • By historical measurement, credit requirements are more than reasonable. Credit has tightened based upon current risk within the market and a significant rise in delinquencies within the commercial equipment finance and leasing industry. Although delinquencies have risen, on average, delinquencies are well within historical levels and it is my opinion that credit requirements are also well within reason.
  • By historical measurements, the market always requires more effort for those who want to excel in all economic cycles. Transitional periods eliminate the weak and unprepared. Vendors and end-users always prefer to work with financial professionals who know their products and services. Originators who fully understand the markets they serve, and the economics of every transaction can provide significant value to their clients, employers, and other stakeholders.

In 2024, businesses will continue to purchase commercial equipment. Businesses purchase commercial equipment to expand their business, to gain efficiencies, and to create profits. The products and services the commercial equipment finance and leasing industry provides allow any business to grow, become more efficient, and improve bottom-line profits. The U.S. economy needs strong originators to provide superior financing and leasing products to commercial entities. Now is the time for top producing originators to flaunt their value and capabilities. In 2024, there are plenty of opportunities for every originator to maximize their production and personal incomes.

Wheeler Business Consulting is working with individual originators and sales teams throughout the industry to ensure that they are well positioned in the market, capturing their fair share of business, and outperforming the competition. To schedule a one-on-one meeting contact Scott Wheeler at:

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