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As we near the end of the Lenten season, discover how letting go and letting God leads to more inner peace

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Parable, Passion, and Purpose

An Easter Message

In the upcoming Sunday talk titled "Parables, Passion, and Purpose," Reverend Robin will revisit the timeless story of Easter, delving into its profound parables with a fresh perspective.

Through the lens of inspired metaphysics, Rev Robin aims to illuminate the deeper significance of this pivotal narrative, guiding us to a more personal understanding of its themes. 

We are invited to apply the Easter message to our own journey, thereby discovering and embracing our unique purpose in life.

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'The seven last words", metaphysically interpreted and made relevant for today.

A brilliant blueprint for transformation- for letting go of the past and transcending into our next level of expansion and consciousness.

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Lots of fun, games, and sharing from our Winter 2024 session.

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April 10

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