Awaken to the love within with this special prayer
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Meeting ID: 868 1787 7433

Passcode: 661294

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Join us in the discussions of this wonderful Unity book, by Eric Butterworth

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"Living with Purpose and Passion: Unveiling the Path to Fulfillment" 

Our guest, Paul J. Ottmann, invites you to explore the profound journey of living with purpose and passion—a path that leads us to a life of deep fulfillment and alignment with our true essence. 

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Unity Kitchener is a tithing community and 10% of your monthly contributions are donated to registered Canadian charities. This is your opportunity to nominate the registered charity of your choice to be supported by Unity Kitchener in 2024!

  • Nominate a registered Canadian charitable/non-profit organization for 2024, by completing the form by February 25th.


  • A survey will be sent out at the beginning of March for you to vote for your top three choices. The top 3 congregational choices: will receive a portion of our tithes for each month of the 1st quarter. The remaining nominees will share in the following quarter tithes.


  •  Winners’ announcement will be made on Sunday, March 10th during service (we may invite them to a Sunday Service to talk about their work for a few minutes).

Note: Organizations cannot be nominated in two consecutive years. However, past recipients can be renominated as long as they were not a recipient in 2023.

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"Unity began with the understanding that

'Thoughts in Mind, Create after their Kind'

Join us every second & fourth Wednesday, for 45 mins of focused thinking to unravel your greatest inner healer. Embrace life ahead as a healthier, happier and highly motivated individual."

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Unity Kitchener is now an affiliate of Spiritual Playdate,

which means that we have become a member in close connection

with the work they are doing with the intention of having spiritual playdates for kids and their grown-ups in our communities.

Contact Cheryl Rodgers for more information

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Please see the Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute field listings for further course and registration information

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Yearly journey through the eight limbs of yoga

Tuesday evenings from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm ET


A routine that features the music of Karen Drucker exclusively

(four-week run)

Wednesday mornings from 10:00 am to 11:00 am ET

Zoom links sent upon request

$12 drop-in per class

(Five dollars from each Unity participant is sent to

Unity Kitchener and we are grateful. Thank you, Nancy!).

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