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This Sunday is Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is the Sunday preceding Easter.

 It recalls the story in Christian Scripture of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, greeted by people waving palm branches. Historically, entering a city on a donkey signified entry in peace.

In us Jerusalem signifies the consciousness of spiritual peace, the result of continuous realizations of spiritual power, softened with spiritual poise and confidence. 

Jesus serves as a symbol of our inherent "I AM" Identity.

Jesus going up to Jerusalem symbolizes our progression toward the culmination of self-realization, the final step, when the ego is relinquished entirely (crucified), and Enlightenment ensues.


Join Mel for reflections on being and working in community over the past 25 years, and 5 things (though truly there are many) that Mel wishes they had understood sooner. 

Weaving together story, poetry and meditation; an invitation to reimagine your own relationship with Community and yourself as community."

Mel Horvath-Lucid is a wild creative, Interfaith Spiritual Director, Licensed Celebrant, Mediator, Yoga Therapist and skilled embodiment facilitator. She is a crafter of words, speaker, facilitator of workshops, ceremony, individual and group experiences to explore our inner terrain, consciousness, shadow selves and values. This exploration is done with the focus on cultivating conscious awareness, healing, nurturing the heart mind connection and to become aware of our ways of being and feeling. Through the art of listening, sharing, co-creating, art, nature, ceremony, poetry, prayer, breath, movement, mediation and other embodied tools to invite us back into ourselves, back into consent, community and connection. To invite us back home. 

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