The ability to know, perceive, and apprehend.

Take What You’ve Learned and Put it All Together

Affirmation: My understanding of Truth deepens and directs my life.

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We are inspired to extend a special invitation to you,

from the Unity Kitchener Leadership Team and Board of Directors:

Join us for an exclusive pilot session of a groundbreaking,

new spiritual co-op model workshop.

This isn't your typical 'new member' class! 

 Instead, it's a unique opportunity to explore the rich benefits and shared responsibilities of being a part of a flourishing spiritual community.

Together, we'll delve into how we can co-create and empower the future of Unity Kitchener, your cherished spiritual home.


Your presence and participation are integral to the success of this initiative. We look forward to embarking on this journey with you

and to witnessing the incredible growth and transformation

it can bring to our community.


Please save the date and register to join us for what promises to be an inspiring and empowering event.

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