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May 17, 2024

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The bible is a weird and wonderful place.

This Sunday is Pentecost, and The Church points us to either the Holy Spirit blowing open the doors in the Book of Acts, or the visions of Ezekiel in the book of.... Ezekiel. This year it’s Ezekiel we choose. 

Now, some have claimed, in weirdness and wonder, that Ezekiel’s writing is PROOF of an actual alien visitation to earth. Unfortunately, Susan is not one of them (Don’t you wish, though? That would be an interesting sermon). It’s the valley of dry bones that draws our attention, and the blessings of communion, music, and prayer, on a beautiful May long weekend.

See you Sunday.  And Wednesday too, for our mid-week contemplative service. 

Wednesdays Contemplative Service, 6:00 – 6:30  

For mid-week peace and connection.


Mark your calendars!

Next Week, May 23rd, join us for a four-week exploration of what it means to belong to a faith community. Church is changing - what does that mean for each of us?

Ok, but what are you doing?

Each week starts with sharing a meal, breaking bread as we have for generations. This is followed by a bit of teaching and deep discussion. Discussion so deep we needed three ministers to help us through it!

Alright, but I've been part of Saint Andrew's for a long time.

This isn't just for new faces (though we hope to see some!). Church is evolving, and this is a great way to explore what we're all about. Whether you're a life-long congregant or stepped foot in Saint Andrew's for the first time last month, this is for you.

How do I get involved?

Drop us a note at so we can have food ready for you when you drop by at 6:00 PM on May 23rd. The group will be meeting in the Lower Fellowship room.

Hope to see you there!


In April, the Suppers restarted a popular tradition - Birthday Sunday. The last Sunday of each month we have birthday cake, sing Happy Birthday and celebrate everyone who had a birthday that month.

We have had men cry while we sing as it is the first time anyone has ever celebrated their birthday. In April, we celebrated a very proud 82 year old guest.

Our university student volunteers are gone for the summer, so we are short of volunteers. Please join us for one Sunday. 


We had a 13% increase in guests from March 2023 to 2024. Three weeks ago, we handed out 4 sleeping bags to people who were newly homeless, or had their belongings stolen.

Our ability to meet the increasing needs depends on donations of time, food or money. We are currently looking for inexpensive rain ponchos and large bottles of shampoo or body wash. They can be dropped off at the church.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact or reach us at the church office.

Thank you!


Members of Saint Andrew's are invited to join the family of the late Dr. Walling May 26th at 2pm for a celebration of life!

The service is not going to be held at Saint Andrew's. Please RSVP for more information.

If you are interested in attending, please email to RSVP.

Our sympathies and prayers go out to Se Uk Walling, Michael, Alexandra, Phillip, Carol, and Simon.


Sunday School

Welcome to St. Andrew’s Sunday School. We are an all inclusive program for all ages! Our program is filled with laughter and learning. Click or tap the button below to go to our sign-up app - anyone is welcome to join. 

We hope to see you next Sunday.

Sign up Here!

The Welcome Project

What's the first thing you do when you get to church on Sundays? Grab your name tag, right? And there's always a smiling face there to welcome you!

The Greeting Committee is looking for volunteers to help all those who come to worship feel comfortable and welcome. You can brighten someone's day!

Click Here to Get Involved!


Songwriters Circle - Small of my Heart

25 May - 7:30 PM

“SMALL OF MY HEART” is a concert series celebrating award-winning women and non-binary artists & musicians, and advancing their place and position within the Canadian music industry.

“It’s more than a concert. It’s a movement.”

Our “in-the-round“ series creates a memorable fan experience of incredible songwriting, harmonies, musicianship and storytelling of real, resilient and unique journeys, including some fun and horrifying road experiences and stories that helped create their celebrated music.

Each show will include 3 award-winning singer-songwriters who will share their well crafted songs and stories, making you feel like you were sitting alongside the artists in your own living room.

No night will be the same. That is the beauty of our unique concert series.

For more information on the performance, click here!

Vinyl 33 - Anne Murray

7 June - 7:00 PM

567 Sackville Drive

The music you remember, the way you remember it.

Join us for a musical journey throughout the incredible career timeline and epic song catalogue of Canadian icon, Anne Murray.

Featuring vocalist Jenn Sheppard and the Vinyl 33 Band, which includes George Hebert, Anne’s original guitarist.

Sing along to all your favourites like Snow Bird, Cotton Jenny, Danny’s Song, Just One Look, Love Song, Could I Have This Dance You Needed Me, Little Good News and many more! Anne Murray’s unmistakable voice and time-honoured music have been a part of our daily lives and our most cherished memories for over 50 years.

Celebrate her incredible legacy as Vinyl 33 respectfully recreates over 20 classic Anne Murray hits, back-to-back, the way you remember hearing them.

Don’t miss this show!

Get all the details by clicking here.

Songwriters Circle - Small of my Heart

13 June - 7:30 PM

Pat LePoidevin is a Canadian indie folk

musician known for his

heartfelt songwriting and

captivating performances.

Calling the East Coast

home, he has made a

name for himself with his

dynamic voice and

introspective lyrics that

often explore themes of

love, resilience, and


A two-time Nova Scotia Music Award nominee, LePoidevin will be releasing his sixth full-length album titled “The Rivers” in June, 2024.

Please join us for a special performance as Pat LePoidevin performs songs from his upcoming album The Rivers.

Freya Milliken is a Canadian singer-songwriter based in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia. Since 2021, Milliken has been gaining momentum on the maritime festival scene with her heartfelt and perceptive songwriting. Her EP “Wholeheartedly,” won Song of the Year at the 2023 New Brunswick Music Awards.

To learn all the nitty-gritty, click here!

12 Months a Year - Saint Andrew's

It's no secret - you make Saint Andrew's happen!

Without the generous support of our community, all of the amazing things going on here (like everything in this video!) just wouldn't be possible.

If you'd like to help keep us going and growing, a great way to to do so is through our Pre-Authorized Remittance program (PAR). PAR helps to ensure we have the resources we need to make the impact you love.

For more information on the Pre-authorized Remittance (PAR) program, or to update your information, please reach us at or call (902) 422-3157. Thanks!

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