February 9, 2024

IN THIS ISSUE: Part 3 of Navigating the Emotional Depths of Medicine with Dr. Eiferman | 8 Signs of Depression in Black Women | Doctors in the House Podcast Episode 16 | New Member | Public Health Alert | PCC Diaper Drive

Navigating the Emotional Depths of Medicine: A Conversation with Dr. Danny Eiferman on Physician Well-being and Peer Support | Part 3

In part 3 of Navigating the Emotional Depths of Medicine, Dr. Danny Eiferman advises on supporting physicians through medical setbacks. Learn about how to offer a colleague tangible support or work towards self-reflection following a medical complication.

The interview with Dr. Eiferman is a three-part series. Check out our blog to read the first two parts.

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Doctors in the House | Episode 16

Malcolm Porter and Rep. Anita Somani, MD talk about the current goings on at the Ohio Statehouse and look at what's coming down the line. 

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8 Signs of Depression in Black Women | By CMA Board Member Dr. Bernadette Anderson

Depression can affect people from all walks of life. But for Black women, culture, society, and other personal factors can affect how they experience depression.

CMA Board of Directors member, Dr. Bernadette Anderson, explains how cultural norms and stigmas around mental health can influence when, how, or if Black women seek help.   

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Public Health Advisory: Measles

Ohio has its first case of confirmed measles this year in Dayton and Montgomery County.

The risk of measles in our community continues as unvaccinated individuals travel internationally where large outbreaks are ongoing: https://www.cdc.gov/globalhealth/measles/data/global-measles-outbreaks.html.

The best protection from measles is immunization with the very safe and highly effective....

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Karthik Mulkanoor, M.D.

 Internist at Columbus Inpatient Care


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Safety - housekeeping

"Safety first should always be the mantra for any organization. An effective housekeeping program is as important as any other safety program and provides a great culture for employees. To avoid injuries caused by poor housekeeping practices, the workplace must be maintained in order throughout the day. Discuss with employees how effective housekeeping procedures reduce the risk of accidents. Stress that housekeeping should not be a one-time event but an ongoing process with repetition a key to success.

Regardless of what business operations occur at your organization, implementing a housekeeping plan has many benefits, including..."

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