February 2, 2024

IN THIS ISSUE: Emerging Trends Recap | Part 2 of Navigating the Emotional Depths of Medicine with Dr. Eiferman | Empowering Progress: Reflecting on Women Physicians Day | Celebrating Black History Month | Women in Medicine Event | Advocacy Update | Appointee to Medical Heritage Advisory Community Needed | Donate Diapers

Navigating the Emotional Depths of Medicine: A Conversation with Dr. Danny Eiferman on Physician Well-being and Peer Support | Part 2

In this second installment of the CMA's conversation with Dr. Danny Eiferman about the importance of knowing how to deal with the emotional side of medicine, he shares how to identify the Three P's a person experiences when responding to an adverse event. Check it out!

The interview with Dr. Eiferman is a three-part series. Next time Dr. Eiferman will talk about what happens in a physician's mind when a medical complication occurs. We are excited for you to follow along with us!

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Celebrating Black History Month | Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler

Honoring Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler for #BlackHistoryMonth


Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler, born in 1831, defied racial and gender prejudices to become the first African American woman to earn a medical degree in the U.S. Her journey began as a nurse in Charlestown, Massachusetts, where she honed her skills for eight years. In 1860, she earned a Doctor of Medicine degree, breaking societal norms. Dr. Crumpler established a medical practice in Boston, focusing on women's and children's healthcare, challenging biases prevalent during her time. Her legacy inspires aspiring physicians, especially women of color, to promote inclusivity in medicine.

(there are no surviving photos of Dr. Crumpler)

Empowering Progress: Reflecting on National Women's Physicians Day

Chair of the Women in Medicine Community, Dr. Denee Choice, wrote a great blog for Women Physician's Day. Dr. Choice shares her insights on the gender pay gap, underrepresentation in leadership, and the transformative initiatives shaping a more equitable future. Click below to read the full story.

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Women in Medicine February Meetup | Wine & Chocolate

Calling all women physicians! Join us on February 12th for our first WiM Meetup of the year.

We'll begin with a mini wine and chocolate paring led by Gregory Stokes. Greg will pair an orange and dark chocolate with two expertly selected wines.

Then Dr. Choice will guide us in the #ASK/#GIVE collaborative experience that creates the opportunity for support and value exchange among WiM community members.

Come ready to participate… come ready to give and receive and also to experience this activity through the lens of a leader (which all physicians are!)

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Recap of Emerging Trends: Forgotten Vital Signs

This past Tuesday, the Columbus Medical Association's 2024 Emerging Trends Program took a significant step toward addressing the pressing issues of physician wellness, resiliency, and burnout. This transformative event not only provided valuable insights into the challenges physicians face but also offered practical solutions to enhance physician well-being.

Check out a full recording of this event as well as photos by clicking the button below.

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Financial Election Committee Filings Provide Peek into 2024 Election Season

No Legislative Sessions Held This Week

Neither the House nor the Senate held voting sessions this week. The House is expected to meet for one day next week and the Senate will remain in recess.


Campaign Fundraising Filing for 2024 Elections

This week there were campaign fundraising filings for active statewide elections – both officeholders and constitutional amendment committees. Fundraising numbers are not everything, and it is early in the year, but there is little doubt that fundraising is an important element in electoral success, so for what it is worth, here is a look at a lot of numbers related to the 2024 election…

  • Redistricting: The proponents for a new process to draw Congressional and state legislative districts reported raising $3.1 million. They spent nearly one-third of that amount to pay for their signature collection process, which is ongoing. While an opposition effort is generally expected, no committee has been formed yet.
  •  Other potential statewide issue campaigns: Efforts to raise Ohio’s minimum wage, increase voting access, and memorialize a constitutional right for hunting and fishing are in the earlier stages of getting to the ballot. Fundraising will become more notable if any of those issues progress.
  • US Senate: Incumbent Sherrod Brown has $14 million on hand. The three-way Republican primary fundraising is led at this point by Matt Dolan, with $4.8 million on hand, followed by Bernie Moreno $2 million in his balance, and Secretary of State Frank LaRose with $770,000.
  • Ohio Senate: The supermajority status of the Senate Republicans is reflected in the balances on hand for the respective caucus accounts: the Senate R’s have $4.5 million in the bank and Senate D’s have $240,000.
  • Ohio House of Representatives: Similar to the Senate, the House Republicans have a supermajority status, with the House R’s caucus account having $3 million in the bank and the House D’s $461,000 on hand.
  • Note: The House elections have an additional fundraising nuance – the current House Speaker, Jason Stephans, is widely expected to be challenged for the speaker’s gavel in 2025 by current Senate President Matt Huffman, who is term-limited in the Senate and is running for a House seat this November. There are a series of Republican primary elections that are receiving financial support from the respective speaker candidates as a part of their efforts to secure votes for the speakership in 2025.
  • Ohio Supreme Court: There are 3 seats up for election this year. Republican Justice Joseph Deters has $450,000 vs Democratic Justice Melody Stewart with $101,000. Republican Judge Megan Shanahan has $89,000 vs Democratic Justice Michael Donnelly with $10,000. In the final race Republican Judge Dan Hawkins has $177,000 vs either Judge Lisa Forbes ($1,400) or Judge Teri Jamison ($6,000) who are running in a Democratic primary.
  • Finally, Governor, 2026? Governor Mike DeWine is term-limited. Who knows which office a current statewide officeholder might run for, but after this current report, balances on hand: Lt. Governor Jon Husted has $3.3 million, Attorney General Dave Yost $1.2 million. Auditor Keith Fabor $1.3 million, Treasurer Robert Sprague $1.9 million.


For more information about the CMA’s Public Policy and Advocacy work, contact CMA Executive Director Lisa Oyer (loyer@columbusmedicalassociation.org) or Advocacy Consultant Malcolm Porter (malcolmjporter@aol.com)

CMA Appointee to Medical Heritage Center Advisory Committee Needed

We are looking for someone to fill a three-year term on the committee from the CMA. For your information, I have attached the committee bylaws, which detail the committee and its responsibilities. Our website is: https://go.osu.edu/mhc.

Current and past committee members can be found at: Advisory Committee | Health Sciences Library (osu.edu). We meet four times per year on Wednesday or Thursday mornings from 7:45 am to 9 am (currently by Zoom.)


CMA Foundation Hiring a Youth Advisory Council Coordinator

CMAF is hiring Youth Advisory Council Coordinator. The Coordinator will serve as a liaison among various education systems, student membership organizations, and community agencies to optimize the participation and experience of council members.

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Share your expertise with Central Ohio’s news organizations

Sign-up today to be a physician expert for the CMA's Media Contact List - Destiney Davis, our PR & Communications Specialist, will reach out with more details.

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