November 10, 2023

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President's Message | November 2023

CMA President, Dr. Mehran Mostafavifar, is back this month to highlight some of the great work that each of our affiliates is doing and why you should consider joining to help keep up the good work.

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Shining a Light on Traumatic Brain Injuries: Veterans' Silent Battle and the Stand Together Flag | A Blog from Dr. Christopher Brown

This weekend, the nation will take a day to honor military veterans who have served in the United States Armed Forces.

In the following article, CMA Board member and Pubic Policy Committee Co-Chair, Dr. Chris Brown will talk about one of the medical issues that heavily impacts veterans, traumatic brain injuries.

Veterans face unique challenges, including difficulties transitioning to civilian life and accessing appropriate healthcare.

Read the full blog post below.

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Election Follow-Up: What Happens Next

Results from Tuesday’s election had Issue 1 (Reproductive/Abortion Rights) passing by 13% with 56.6% voting for and 43.4% voting against. The issue passed in 25 counties in the state, largely urban, suburban, and exurban areas. In Central Ohio, the issue passed in Franklin, Delaware, Licking, Fairfield, and Union Counties.

Issue 2 (Adult Recreational Marijuana) results largely mirrored Issue 1, with a slight drop off in votes cast. 

Focus has now shifted to “what happens next”? And these conversations have both a political and policy orientation.

Issue 1 was a constitutional amendment. It takes effect in 30 days, on December 7. As a constitutional amendment, there is no single immediate mechanism that implements change as a result of the amendment. It appears there are 3 broad paths for possible next steps:

  • The legislature could act - laws on the books would be re-evaluated and altered to meet the new constitution standard
  • Lawsuits could be filed by parties who have to stand in order to prompt the courts to review and assess the constitutionality of specific provisions of current law
  • Parties could go forth and engage in activity that they believe is now lawful, and would be calculating a constitutional defense should they be challenged on their activity

There is also a political component to consider, as opponents of Issue 1 have made public statements that they will be considering future referendum options, as well as new legislation. 

Issue 2, which also takes effect on December 7, is a little different in that it is not a constitutional amendment, but rather an initiated statute, or law. As such, the Ohio General

Assembly seemingly has the ability to pass new laws to alter this statute in any manner that it sees fit. There is a political calculation in making any change, given that voters passed this law by a nearly 14% margin.

It appears that the personal growth of limited marijuana plants for personal use becomes effective immediately on December 7. The larger retail sale process, the appropriate tax collection system, and other regulatory issues need to have rules adopted and the new law allows 9 months for this process. This would be September 7th, 2024. During any of this time, the legislature may amend the law, and there have been early statements from some lawmakers to expect some changes.

The bottom line is that more time will need to pass to see all the impacts of Tuesday’s election.

Giving Tuesday 2023 | Mark Your Calendars

Mark your calendars for Giving Tuesday! It's set for Tuesday, November 28, 2023.

Please consider giving to our awesome affiliates, COTS, Physicians CareConnection, Physicians Leadership Academy, and Made for Medicine.

CMA Advocacy Community Meeting Recap: Reviews Election, Next Steps, Looks at Future Legislation

CMA members gathered for a post-election meeting this week to review the results of the voters’ approval of Issues 1 and 2 and focused on potential next steps and responses for reproductive/abortion issues and recreational marijuana. (see separate article)

Members also reviewed the status of pending legislation in the Ohio General Assembly that is of particular interest to physicians.

Slides from the meeting are available, along with a detailed legislative update on the status of legislation.

For more information on any of these issues, CMA members should feel free to contact Co-Chairs Drs. Chris Brown and Bill Cotton, or the CMA’s Public Policy Consultant Malcolm Porter.

CMA Advocacy Community Meeting Recap: Reviews Election, Next Steps, Looks at Future Legislation

Next Thursday, November 16, marks the "Great American Smokeout ". It is a day to bring awareness to the dangers of smoking cigarettes, as well as a time to encourage those around you to stop smoking. A nicotine addiction is not something you have to deal with alone! Please call 1-800-QUIT-NOW if you or someone you know would like to start a recovery journey.  

If you as a physician are looking for some information on how to talk to your patients about quitting then click the button below to read the CDC's practical conversation guide

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