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Sponsor a Workforce Development Student this Giving Season

LMM’s Workforce Development program prepares participants for meaningful careers that will enable them to achieve financial stability, self-sufficiency, and even wealth-building. It equips them to support themselves and their families, and to avoid recidivism.

The program is available to individuals facing adverse life experiences with no out-of-pocket expenses thanks to our generous donors and community partners.

A second chance for employment and career advancement can be made possible with an investment from you. 

Please consider sponsoring a student this holiday season. Gifts of all sizes are needed to provide support such as:

  • Once semester of vocational training ($2,000) 
  • Behavioral Health Therapy & Group Counseling ($1,200)
  • Career counseling, mock interviews, resume workshops, and connecting students to living wage jobs ($500)
  • Transportation costs for one semester ($300)
  • Course materials ($250)
  • Training equipment and work uniforms for one year ($150)

With over a 90% job placement rate and 86% of students being placed in living wage jobs ($15/hr. or more), this program is a sound investment of your contribution. 

Help LMM to advance limitless possibilities for students seeking second chances through our Workforce Development program. 


We Are LMM

"They see that they can be productive, that they have what it takes to become part of the workforce and that they can strive to become successful." - Joe Ciarallo, LMM Career Success Specialist. Watch the full video here.

LMM provides life-changing services in the areas of housing, workforce development, guardianship, and youth. Our program participants, staff, volunteers, and supporters experience the impact of this work day in and day out while reaching goals with grace, dignity, and respect. Click here to support this vital work and click the button below to hear Joe's testimony about working with LMM's Workforce Development program:


2022 Budget Training Summit

Panel on Health and Human Services in the State Budget

LMM Staff alongside Cleveland City Councilwoman Stephanie Howse

The Center for Community Solutions and Advocates for Ohio's Future recently hosted the 2022 Budget Training Academy Summit in Columbus to highlight Ohio's 2024-2025 Operating Budget.

This training offered attendees the opportunity to listen in and partake in discussions with expert panelists consisting of nonprofit advocates, local and state legislators, and administration officials about topics such as health and human services in Ohio's budget, American Rescue Plan Act funding, how to be a good advocate, and more.

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