Volume 5 Issue 12 March 22, 2024

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Palm Sunday 2024


Mark 11:1-11

Dear Church Family,

This Sunday, we enter the holiest season of the Church Year. The entire basis of our faith was made concrete 2000 years ago in what we now call “Holy Week.”

On Sunday, we will celebrate Palm Sunday. Our Scripture reading is from Mark 11:1-11. Take some time to immerse yourself in the narrative of Jesus coming into Jerusalem as King…but not the type of king the world expected. He came as the Prince of Peace. He came to assert TRUE power - not power through violence or coercion, but rather he came to be God in the Flesh. On Palm Sunday he made this public statement.

Of course, Palm Sunday was not without consequence. We know that on Holy Thursday (also called Maundy Thursday), Jesus would eat one last time with his disciples and institute the sacrament of Holy Communion. His actions of breaking the bread and sharing the cup were symbolic, but they were also more than symbolic - He provided a tangible way that we can be in the presence of Christ from that time forward.

On Good Friday, Jesus was crucified. While the authorities thought they were killing a crazy man, an instigator, a blasphemer, they were in reality crucifying the Son of God.  Of course, the powers that be thought they had won. The disciples were on the run and hiding out of fear and retribution, but the story was only starting. 

We know that on Easter Sunday, Jesus rose from the grave defeating Hell and Death. He rose so that we can have hope and eternal life. He rose to defeat the powers of sin. 

Join us for the multiple worship opportunities as we remember what Christ did for us while we were yet sinners. Join us Monday through Thursday (March 25-28) from noon until roughly 12:30 PM at Hertford Baptist Church as we worship with our larger Hertford Community. Join us on Thursday, March 28 at 6:00 PM for our Maundy Thursday service to remember the Last Supper and Jesus’ Crucifixion.  Join us on Friday, March 29 at 5 PM at Hertford Baptist Church as we observe Good Friday with a “Cross Walk.”  And then, join us on Easter Sunday, March 31! There will be a sunrise service at Missing Mill Park at 6:30 AM, and we will have our Choir Cantata and Easter Worship at 10 AM. 


Pastor Tom

Rev. Tom Hallberg – Pastor

Contact Number: 252-414-8737


prayer image

Please Remember these in your prayers

Family of Lyndon White (Thelma Skinner's Brother)

Ray Sawyer

Charlene Stoltenhoff

Buck Bunch

Brenda White

Tim Brinn

John Larson

Chicago Eure


Jean Ashley

Chowan River

Tom Gard

Edenton Primetime 

Wayne Ashley

The Landings

Thelma Skinner

Bobbie Boynton

Margaret Denison

Jane Jordan

Extended Church Family  

Laurie & Don Winz (Friends of Trip & Melissa Cofield)

Robert Ellis (Patty Bittner's Neighbor)

Carole Donaghy (Ruth Lacefield's Niece)

Sandy Scaff Ryan

Tiffany Roberts (Ronnie & Donna Baker's Daughter)

Stan Wilkerson (Requested by Mark Sherrill)

Amy Cullipher (Ed Nixon & Kay Winslow’s sister)

Nick Nixon (Ed & Barbara Nixon's Son)

Jackie Hobbs (Friend of John & Susan Christensen)

Allie Pucchio (Jeff & Barb Paige's Niece)

Joseph Ambrose (Patty Bittner's Neighbor) 

Larry Johnson (Nancy Lodge’s Brother-in-Law)

Beth Colson (Marta Colson’s Daughter-in-Law)

Denise Pegram (friend of Todd & Candy Tilley)

Diane Selleck (Katheleen Selleck's Daughter)

Edward & Judy Taylor (Friends of Raymond Sawyer)

Carolyn Meads (Ida Saunder's Sister)

Gail Smith


*Bold text indicates recent additions/updates to the prayer list* 

A Note From Susan

John and I had a wonderful visit with Marge Clifford this past Saturday. We were in SC, so we looked up Marge in her new home of Mount Pleasant. She is doing very well and staying busy taking classes, going to the symphony, playing cards and many other activities. Marge has made new friends and has her son and family, as well as a granddaughter and great grandchildren nearby. She looks great (hasn’t aged a day) and still has her perpetual smile! She did ask us to convey to all her friends here that she misses her church family and thinks of us often. Marge receives and looks forward to the weekly e-news, so she is keeping up with the happenings here in Hertford. If you would like to send Marge a note, her mailing address is:

Marge Clifford

1600 Franke Drive, #102

Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

We need liturgists to volunteer to open our worship service so that Pastor Tom is able to continue playing piano. 

Please call the office if you're able to serve in this vital role, and we will put you on the schedule!

Sunday Mornings

Sunday School - 9:00 AM

Worship Service -10:00 AM

Xplosion Ministry

Sunday- March 24- 5:00 PM

Prayer Shawl

Monday- March 25-10:00 AM

Band of Brothers

(Men's Small Group)

Tuesdays - 10:00 AM


Wednesday- 10:00 AM

Cub Scouts

Wednesdays - 6:30 PM

Choir Practice

Wednesdays - 7:00 PM

Maundy Thursday Service

Thursday- 6:00 PM

Good Friday Cross Walk

Friday- 5:00 PM

Easter Sunday Sunrise Service

Missing Mill Park 6:30 AM 

Easter Sunday Morning Cantata

"Because He lives"

Easter Sunday Morning 10 AM

There will be no Sunday School Easter Sunday.


april-birthdays-clip-art image

Kay White 3/4

John Christensen 3/6

Buck Bunch 3/7

Luke Fuller 3/7

Barbara Nixon 3/12

Robert Southworth 3/18

Claudia Bunch 3/19

Andie Cook 3/20

Maxine Dickerson 3/24

Kay Winslow 3/25

Skip Fisher 3/26

John McAllister 3/31

img_mouseover3 image

Edgar & Kay White

March 13

Mark & Kathy Sherrill

March 18

Please let the church office know if we have missed your birthday or anniversary. Thank you!

Join us at Hertford UMC for our new monthly community meals starting April 29th!

These gatherings are scheduled for the last Monday of each month, running from 5:00 to approximately 6:00 PM. Everyone is welcome, whether you're a church member or a part of our broader community.

The heart of these meals is to foster the spirit of sharing God's love between our church and the community. We've named these events "Loaves and Dishes."

Stay tuned for more details on how you can volunteer and be a part of this wonderful initiative!


Pick your favorite or even two!!

Donations can be made to HUMC with Rise Against Hunger in the memo line.

HUMC will partner with The Open Door Food Pantry each month to collect needed items for the pantry. We will have several specific items that our church can help re-supply. For February/March will will be collecting the following:

Canned Pears (packed in water or its own juice)

Canned Pineapple (packed in water or its own juice)

Canned Applesauce (all natural/unsweetened)

Fresh Garlic

Fresh Onions

Items can be dropped off in the black OPEN DOOR tub found near the water fountain at the Covent Garden entrance to the church.

We hope you will consider being a part of The Open Door Food Lion Cash Card Program each month. You can purchase a cash card for any even dollar denomination from $5 to $500 per card. Five percent (5%) of your purchase goes to The Open Door Food Pantry. 

Please make your check made payable to ODFLCCP and deliver to the church office no later than the 2nd Monday of each month. 

Hertford Grammar School Book Vending Machine

Children can earn books with your help! Students showing good behavior, helping others, or staff recommendations will earn tokens to use the vending machine. The librarian has put together an Amazon wish list with age-appropriate books, and any books purchased from the list will be sent directly to the school. Think about how their reading skills can be developed from access to more books and the pride that will come from earning books to keep.

Amazon Book List for HGS


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 Connie Shelton

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The Outreach Ministries group needs your help. In order to help grow the membership of HUMC, we would like to send a card to all newcomers who move into Perquimans County.

In order to send this "Come meet new friends this Sunday at Hertford United Methodist Church . . . ., " we need the names and addresses for any folks who are new to the area.

Please provide this information to:

Nancy Lodge:

nancylodge62@gmail.com or 252-333-9208

Lynne Raymond

63lynner@gmail.com or 426-5102 and we will do the rest.

As always, thanks for helping us grow!


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